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Paraffin boots children under hypertonia leg muscles

Appointment paraffin boots provided as of physiotherapy in identifying pediatric neurologist hypertonus muscles and neuralgia.Paraffin boots are several layers of cheesecloth, which is impregnated with paraffin or ozocerite.Paraffin boots children under hypertonia leg muscles can be assigned only neurologist after prior consultation with the pediatrician, which confirms that the child has no heart murmurs and carrying out such a method of treatment is really necessary for the baby.

Features paraffin boots

essence of action paraffin boots is that the heat that comes from them, increasing lymph flow, blood flow, so that the muscles relax.This possibility exists because the material has specific properties, it retains the heat for a long time, and transmits it to the body of the patient.

It is important that the heat that is generated in paraffin and stored in muscles caused by blood flow, which is dangerous for children who are at risk of developing heart disease and other problems that are connected

with the cardiovascular system.In addition, the appointment of paraffin boots contraindicated in the presence of diabetes.

In most cases, the appointment of paraffin boots carried out simultaneously with massage, electrophoresis and relaxing baths - with the addition of lavender, motherwort, chamomile and succession.The procedure may be carried out in conjunction with medical treatment method.

How to carry out the procedure

During the procedure paraffin boots should consider the following features:

  • in the room where the child is, the temperature should be in the range from 18 to 20 degrees.In the hot season paraffin is not carried out;
  • temperature wax applications is determined individually for each child holding a handful of procedures;
  • paraffin is not applied to the area of ​​the knees;
  • procedure should be carried out in the morning, at a time when the baby is most relaxed.Ideally, the procedure should be carried out during the sleep of the child;
  • time of exposure to paraffin depends on what the original state of the muscles and begins with 10 minutes.It is also necessary to account for the individual characteristics of a child - for some children is 10 minutes for the other must be a long time of exposure to heat to relax the muscles;
  • after the child's feet are removed paraffin boots, you need a relaxing massage.

Making paraffin boots

For the manufacture of paraffin boots need to take:

  • 2 pots of different sizes in order to melt the wax in a water bath,
  • 1 jar of wax or ozokerite.Allowed mixing of the two components in a ratio of 1 to 1,
  • piece of gauze,
  • scissors,
  • packaging film or polyethylene,
  • long socks.

should prepare a broad and long layers of gauze, which are formed three or four times.Paraffin wax is placed in the pot, the amount of which is smaller in large saucepan typed water, and she put on a slow fire.You can not melt the wax directly or in the microwave, so this may cause unexpected fireworks.It is necessary to ensure that the wax did not fall on the water droplets, otherwise it will "fire".

When the wax melts, it is necessary to immerse it completely gauze so she could soak well.Then, for the manufacture of paraffin boots cheesecloth to extract, straighten and arrange on a platter or baking sheet to cool it.Before laying the fabric on the leg of a child, you need to make a test in the crook of the elbow, to prevent the risk of skin burns.The fabric should not be too hot.

Marley turns necessary part, she wound it in several layers.If you want to perform a paraffin boots for the whole leg, you should start with the foot - toes, arch to the heels of the child covered by a piece of gauze, then shin imposes the following piece of gauze.Knees skipped, and then the fabric is applied on the thigh - above the knees.Drum gauze should be tight, that the fabric is not able to slide in the process of movement of the child.

Top paraffin boots are wrapped plastic bags or packaging film, whereby the wax will cool more slowly, from top Wear warm socks.If a pipsqueak not refuse to lie down under a warm blanket for 10-20 minutes, the legs can be covered with a blanket.

Contraindications to perform paraffin boots

contraindication for paraffin boots for children under hypertonia leg muscles is the presence of certain skin diseases, heart problems and diabetes.The procedure is not carried out in the period when a child in the body occur inflammation.