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How and when to wean the child from the pacifier ?

Some pediatricians and specialists in speech development agree that the most appropriate age for weaning the baby from the nipple is the age of 12 months, since this time begins to actively develop it.If your child has a nipple in his mouth, then he is unlikely to have a desire to talk.In addition, the dummy can be distorted speech.But this rule is not strict.How and when to wean the child from the pacifier?

value nipples for baby

Many children use a pacifier up to 3 years, and sometimes longer.For this category of children's pacifier can act as a transitional object, relieves stress and to adapt to new or difficult situations, for example, for a long trip in the car, or if the mother went to work, and the child at this time began to staywith a nanny.If the nipple to the baby is set sedative, you can allow him to use it until such time as he will not be formed different mechanisms of psychological adaptation.Just stands to have information about what is best to wean the baby from the nipple before pu

lling up some of the time.

reasons for the need of weaning the baby from the nipple

  • One of the reasons for weaning the baby from the nipple is that the nipple prevents develop speech .Experts believe that while sucking her nipples the baby's mouth takes an unnatural position, prevents the normal development of the muscles of the lips and tongue.Sometimes, if you frequently use a pacifier, the tongue starts to come forward between the teeth.This creates conditions for the development of Lisp arising in the pronunciation of sounds "s" and "z".
  • Another reason for weaning the baby from the nipple is that the child needs to learn to fall asleep on their own .If a baby has a habit of falling asleep occurs only with a pacifier, you may be forced to get up and give him a pacifier every time he would wake up at night.
  • If there is tendency to occurrence of ear infections , weaning from the pacifier can be improved situation.
  • Finally, sometimes the nipple can cause that upper teeth a child will perform slightly forward .However, there is no evidence that the nipples provoked irreversible damage to the teeth of the child.In most cases, teeth taken normal position a few months after the baby stopped sucking on a pacifier.

When to wean the baby from the nipple

great concern regards the permanent teeth begin to appear around the age of 4-6 years.Use of pacifiers at this age can be triggered by the appearance of long-term dental problems, and therefore at this time is best to wean the baby from the nipple.

When to wean from the nipple

When it comes time to wean the baby from the pacifier, it should be done gradually.Many parents believe that it is necessary to start with a time limit, which the child spends with the pacifier in his mouth during the day.After achieving the results you can try to limit it at night.Your assistant can be the establishment of a new ritual, used to going to bed.If the child will not ready to abandon the use of pacifiers, you can try to give him a pacifier for infants, which are smaller, softness, so it is not so much influence on the development of speech.

impossible to wean the baby from the nipple at the age of 6-8 months , because by the time the child begins to understand that his mother is not an integral part thereof.It can begin to master the fear of being abandoned.During this period, it calms the nipple.Another blow for the child is the appearance in his diet sauce instead of the usual bottle.In addition, begins teething, which disturbs the baby.And thanks to the biting nipples so hard baby, life becomes more relaxed.

How to wean a child from pacifier

  • During weaning the baby from the nipple may be to try to persuade the child to part with it willingly.
  • can use tricks like the stories about the crow who stole pacifier mouse that took the nipple in a burrow for their young pups and dog, which sgryzla baby pacifier second ago.
  • In some cases, we have used mustard and other unpalatable that liberally smeared parents pacifier, feeding the hope that the child no longer wants to take by mouth byaku.

When she realizes that all such tricks do not have a negative impact on the child's relationship to the pacifier, just shaken baby and parent psyche, many are thinking about seeking professional help with the problem of how to wean the child from the pacifier?

can try to explain to a child that the street is not good to use a pacifier because it can fall into the sand, mud and wash the pacifier nowhere.One can cite the example of their peers who do not suck a pacifier, and say that they will be surprised and laughing that such a big baby walking with pacifier.If these arrangements do not apply, it is necessary to leave the child alone.With age, the sucking reflex will weaken, and the baby he refused to suck the nipple.It is not necessary to hurt his psyche when the time comes, he will throw out the baby bothered pacifier in the trash.In this period of time the child will have a fairly large circle of friends, consisting of peers, and to the opinion of "his own kind" children listen better than the words of the parents.In addition, it should be noted that with age children appear other hobbies, switching attention to the baby soothers and expelling the last of the interests and the child's life.

How to wean from the nipple

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