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Why is the child grinding his teeth in his sleep ?

Almost every mother faced with a situation when a child is grinding his teeth in his sleep, which, naturally, makes the mother worry.Sometimes the child grinding his teeth in his sleep for a few minutes, can sometimes be heard sporadic scratches.Medicine calls this phenomenon bruxism.Why is the child grinding his teeth in his sleep?

Causes of bruxism a child

Quite often the child grinding his teeth in his sleep due to the fact that it bred worms.In this case, the parents after they noticed that the child produces characteristic sounds, hurry up with the purchase of pharmaceutical products, with which you can overcome worms.But as a rule, such actions can not be achieved positive results, and opinion as to what the child has bred parasites is a common misconception.

If you think your child has intestinal parasites, it will be proper specimen collection and adherence to doctor's appointments because uncontrolled reception anthelmintic drugs will not bring benefit to the body, due to the fact that such

agents have toxic effects on the entire body.Besides, in most cases, the cause of bruxism a child is transferring a stressful situation, the establishment of incorrect bite, the development of pathologies of dental system, inflammation or adenoid tooth eruption.

The child grinding his teeth

stressful situations

distinctive feature of the child's mind is its fragility, and sometimes you may experience the state of stress in the child for reasons that many adults seem absolutely do not deserve attention.Children could seriously worry about any troubles arising in kindergarten or school, the birth of a new baby in the family, moving to a new location, etc.Stressful situation as the cause of bruxism gives cause parents to think about the internal state of the child.

In some cases, even positive emotions can be triggered by excessive excitement and cause a state of stress.It is for this reason that most psychologists recommend to dose the child's experience, avoiding overloading his delicate psyche.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disturbance as the cause of bruxism, doctors treated in the same series of phenomena that sleepwalking or talking in his sleep.If creaking dream accompanied by nightmares, the child indicated the occurrence of difficulties in falling asleep, he often wakes up at night, you should pay special attention to the emotional state of the child, and if necessary - to consult a pediatric neurologist.


Very often enlarged adenoids act as causes of bruxism.Approximately 80% of cases the disease is accompanied by night creaking shut.

hereditary factor

experts do not exclude the impact of hereditary factors as causes of bruxism.In some cases, it can be transmitted like a bad habit inherited.And, for the most part, a legacy of the boys gets.If you notice that your child has started to grind their teeth during sleep, it is necessary to ask the own parents, not whether you have a child bruxism.

cutting teeth

Uncommon situation where the cutting teeth are considered as a cause of bruxism in infants.This phenomenon can cause itching of the gums, so that the child begins to involuntarily clench teeth and gums scratched while uttering rasping sounds.Therefore, if your baby has become grind their teeth during sleep, then, first of all, it is necessary to check up, whether he had swollen gums.Then you can use the special children's gel relieves pain, and during the day a child can be offered a special chew prorezyvatel.

malocclusion and maxillofacial pathology

Often, the child begins to grind their teeth at night because of malocclusion, or the presence of certain congenital maxillofacial pathology.

for diagnosis is necessary to obtain advice from the children's orthodontist, and in case of problems with the bite, the doctor will be picked up measures to facilitate the adjustment problem.Otherwise, it is possible the development of various pathologies, including:

  • erasing enamel ahead of time, thereby increasing the risk of tooth decay and the emergence of sensitive teeth;
  • abnormal growth of teeth;
  • development of chronic or acute forms of inflammation of periodontal tissues.

Modern dentistry has developed methods that make possible the elimination of virtually any malocclusion.The sooner will start the right treatment, the sooner you can succeed.

Gritting his teeth in his sleep

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