How to strengthen the immune system during pregnancy ?

period of pregnancy and childbirth are the most crucial moment in the life of every woman.During pregnancy, the developing baby is due on entry into his mother's nutrients.That is why the woman is very important to monitor their health and nutrition, as it affects the health of her unborn child.Even the slight cold, transferred during pregnancy may result in undesirable consequences, and your task is to prevent such a crucial moment in the probability of weak immunity.How to strengthen the immune system during pregnancy?

of vitamins and minerals for the immune system during pregnancy

Vitamins in pregnancy responsible for immunity your immune system, which consists of a series of defense mechanisms developed by nature in the course of evolution, continuing for millions of years.The human body contains special immune cells that help to cope with the bad bacteria.More than half of the immune cells is in the gut, and therefore to the immune system to work smoothly in the gut should always prevail normal microflora, determine

s the number of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.These beneficial bacteria feed on prebiotics - natural dietary fiber.

If the period of carrying a child fell on the winter time, you should pay attention to the foods that are rich in vitamin C. It is because it is probably the most effective immunity increase and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.But keep in mind that you can not use these products in large quantities, as this can be triggered by an allergic reaction that can occur in the future of your child.

for immunity during pregnancy will be helpful as vitamins E, and Groups B, contributing to the protection of pregnancy and the need to ensure that the fetus is developing properly.

strengthen the immune system of pregnant women and prevention of common cold virus diseases contributes to taking a multivitamin that contain vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, which helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent colds viral diseases.

to the immune system of the special value of microelements are zinc, iodine, iron and selenium.

Thus, for the prevention of acute respiratory infections and influenza in the period of increased incidence of essential vitamin and mineral complexes that are needed to meet the growing needs of the body substances.

preparations for immunity during pregnancy

Before taking immune-boosting and other drugs, should consult a doctor.During pregnancy to support immunity do not recommend taking herbal medicines, because the plant immune stimulants (Echinacea, Eleutherococcus, ginseng, Aralia) mechanism to influence the immune system is not fully understood by science.In addition, it is possible development of allergic reactions, increased blood pressure.Preparations for immunity during pregnancy should be recommended by your doctor.

Products for immunity during pregnancy

Prebiotics. To maintain immunity, expectant mothers advisable regular intake of foods rich in dietary fibers - prebiotics: fruits, vegetables, especially bananas, garlic and onions.Prebiotics are also present in beans, asparagus, figs, chicory, etc.

Proper nutrition during pregnancy

dairy products. In addition, for the expectant mother needed milk products that enhance the immunity of pregnant women and provide the body with the required amount of calcium.Of course, you should not forget the need for taking vitamins prescribed by your doctor.It should be noted that the products, including in its membership bifidobacteria and lactobacilli are important for general immunity and local (integument of the external genitalia and vaginal mucosa).For example, in order to prevent occurrence of vaginal dysbacteriosis and candidiasis sufficient daily intake of live yogurt.

onion and garlic. Onions and garlic are also encouraged to include in the diet of pregnant women, since these products contain not only the prebiotic, but volatile, are biologically active substances that kill or inhibit the growth and development of bacteria.

Another option of using the beneficial properties of garlic is unfolding pieces of garlic cloves on a saucer, which then are placed throughout the apartment.In volatile production, so there is a possibility of active manifestations of their protective properties.

berries and fruits. Foods for immunity during pregnancy are berries and fruits that contain vitamin C. A great influence on the immune system is cranberries, lemons, grapefruit and yellow rose.If they are consumed in moderation, they will be safe in terms of allergies.

Rest for immunity

During pregnancy, it is recommended more often to rest, more sleep for immunity.If the body is weakened, then it will be harder to resist viruses and infections.In addition, sleep is a favorable effect on the nervous system, mood, and it helps to ensure that there is a general strengthening of the body.

Rest during pregnancy for immunity

good mood for immunity

It has been observed that women whose pregnancy occurs in a joyful and peaceful atmosphere, suffer much less frequently than women experiencing at this time psychological discomfort.Thinking about strengthening the immune system, do not forget about their own psychological comfort, because health is the key to a good mood.

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