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How to treat hydrocele boys ?

fairly common manifestation of hydrocele in boys is the emergence of bulk formation of the scrotum or hydrocele when the shell which one or both testicles is filled with liquid.Before the advent of the boy in the light of his testicles are inside the abdomen.Even a newborn, they are located in the scrotum.Often, the testicle descends, dragging with them a part of the peritoneum.It is because of this in dropsy scrotum increases in size and appearance in the groin area, it looks a little swelling.How to treat hydrocele boys?

Treatment hydrocele boys

To get rid of the baby's hydrocele, should start with a visit to the children's urologist, who will be assigned diagnostic measures.Look at the structure of the scrotum can be via ultrasound.The scrotum of the patient may also be prosvechena by the light source or by use of transillumination transillumination.To exclude the presence of comorbidities genitals, you must perform laboratory tests of urine and blood.Treatment hydrocele boy depends on the patient

's complaints, his age.

Conservative treatment of hydrocele

When conservative treatment of hydrocele of the newborn must be constantly observed by a doctor, a urologist at the age of 2 years.For older boys must be monitored for 2.5-3 months on the basis of what is possible to identify the nature of the dynamics.If the forecast is unfavorable, the envisaged purpose of the operation.

Surgical treatment of hydrocele

When surgical treatment of hydrocele surgery is assigned to boys up to 2 years in identifying the following indications:

  • presence of inguinal hernia;
  • resizing scrotum periods;
  • join inflammation, infectious character of the wearer;
  • presence in the groin area of ​​constant discomfort.

If over time the condition is aggravated, the only solution for the treatment of hydrocele in boys is to conduct the operation.

Operation hydrocele

are several types of surgical techniques:

  • operation Ross , which is useful for a form of communicating hydrocephalus, when performed excision and ligation of the internal inguinal ring;
  • the operation Bergman , which is used in an isolated hydrocele.This process is carried out by excision of the inner shell eggs held to the ground as possible.Its remnants are edged seams, sometimes there is the need to install drainage and laying a pressure bandage;
  • operation Winckelmann , which today is very rarely used;
  • implementation operation Lord , in which the surgical intervention is less traumatic.

Preparation for surgery

Before a child is sent to the operation to eliminate the hydrocele, it must be absolutely healthy.After undergoing the eve of the cold, SARS, any illness takes time to recover the body could, at least this period of 1 month, otherwise the postoperative complications may occur in the form of infection or pneumonia.Preparation for surgery includes monitoring blood and urine tests.6 hours before the operation to eliminate the hydrocele boy should not eat or drink.The duration of surgery is 20-30 minutes.

operation to remove hydrocele

During the operation to eliminate the hydrocele recommended the use of general anesthesia , because it is more secure than local, despite the fact that in the case of local anesthesia the doctor in control.With the use of general anesthesia in a child there is no psycho-emotional stress on the kind of surgical instruments, the specific sounds and smells.Drugs that are administered to the boy, quickly relieves stress and induce relaxation toddler child.

As a rule, first physician to use anesthetic gas mask, and after the baby is asleep, he installed an intravenous catheter.The operation is performed under the control of heart rate and blood pressure.At the end of the operation the gas is turned off and after a few minutes the boy regains consciousness.

postoperative period while eliminating hydrocele

  • A few hours after surgery to remove hydrocele child can be given a drink and eat in the evening.
  • On the day of surgery, the patient can already leave the hospital or the next morning.
  • first child will not feel pain, but in the future in the event of minor pain sensations not use paracetamol or ibuprofen.A few days later the wound was not going to bother the boy.
  • After surgery, recommended a reduction of physical activity of the child for a few days, especially if it has not reached the age of 5 years.
  • desirable to avoid touching the wound, that there was no bleeding and no infection has occurred.
  • When handling when used absorbable suturing material, if not, then a week later you must remove the stitches, turning to the surgeon.
  • Within 2-3 days after surgery may cause redness around the wound.If it persists for more than 3 days, you should see a surgeon as this may indicate an infection of the wound.
  • child can take water treatments, but during the week to avoid getting wet wounds.

After the operation, the edema

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