How to boost immunity in the adult

Recently, more and more people became interested in the question of immunity improve.Under the body's immune system is understood as a set of cells, organs and tissues, whose task is to protect the body from aggressive internal and external influences.That the immune system is to protect people from a variety of infections that penetrate the body - bacterial, fungal, viral.Consider how you can improve immunity in the adult, which affects the immune system.

Signs of impaired immunity

On the state of immunity can be judged by appearances.

signs of a weakened immune system are:

  • state of constant (chronic) fatigue ;
  • appearance of frequent aches in joints and muscles;
  • presence insomnia ;
  • constant drowsiness;
  • emergence of a variety of allergic reactions;
  • goiter;
  • very fast overall fatigue;
  • emergence of fungal diseases;
  • long process of recovery after the disease;
  • emergence of chronic diseases.

a sure sign that your immune system is weakened and there is a need to increa

se it is the frequent occurrence of colds.

main recommendations for improving immunity

first step towards the restoration of health, of course, is to get rid of bad habits.It is necessary to abandon the long lying on the couch;smoking;stress;poor sleep.In addition, as the basic recommendations for improving immunity should be mentioned that a good idea to accustom themselves to regular sports and exercise.

In most cases, a person in the event of problems with the body's immune system or sent to the pharmacy for immunomodulatory drugs, or refers to the recipes of traditional medicine.But this is not the best solution, because the possible complications.Traditional recipes, in most cases, are safe, and even very effective, but prior to their use is recommended to consult a physician-immunologist.

correct lifestyle to enhance immunity

Right Livelihood Very important is a person's lifestyle and his diet food.

Sports. for health physical activity is important.If possible, it is recommended to visit the gym or the pool, especially if you have predominantly sedentary work.If you can not do that, then you can at least walk in the fresh air, hiking.Even 30 minutes of walking will be very useful for the organism.

Son. correct lifestyle to enhance immunity includes normalization of sleep.To all the organs and systems of the body can function normally for an adult needs sleep of at least 8 hours.

Folk remedies to boost immunity

to enhance immunity can use folk remedies, but only after consultation with a specialist.

Vitamin broth. One of the most simple yet effective means, is vitamin decoction.To prepare it, you need to take 100 grams of dried rose hips, 2 lemons, 5 tablespoonsraspberry leaf, and 5 tablespoonshoney.Skip unpeeled lemons through a meat grinder and put in a thermos, add honey and crushed raspberry leaves.Hips put in an enamel pan, pour 1 liter of water and bring to a boil, then reduce the flame and cook for 20 minutes.Then pull the neck thermos gauze cloth and pour broth hips ingredients prepared in advance.Thermos cover and leave to infuse for 3 hours.This decoction should drink half a cup in the morning and at bedtime for 60 days, after which, to maintain the immune system, in spring and autumn it is desirable to repeat courses, whose duration is 2 weeks.

Honey-lemon mixture. other folk remedies to boost immunity is honey-lemon mixture, walnut liqueur, vitamin coniferous drink, onion mixture, vitamin compote mixture of herbs, a mixture of aloe leaves, and others.

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