Dairy products improve immunity

boost and strengthen the immune system contributes to the consumption of dairy products, especially yogurt and kefir with live bifidoflora.Dairy products improve immunity due to the fact that they contain lactobacilli and probiotics have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora.Moreover, they contribute to the fact that the intestines can function smoothly.

Enhance immunity by means of dairy products

Today the shops are full of all sorts of "enriched" and "fortified" yogurt having exclusive title, but the most useful is the yogurt when consumed it at night.Just keep in mind that you need to pay attention to the date of its manufacture: yogurt should be fresh.Enhance immunity and promotes the consumption of dairy products such as sour milk, yogurt, acidophilus, which have a limited shelf life and do not contain preservatives.
Some doctors recommend the consumption of fermented milk drinks are not only in the evening, after dinner, but in the morning before breakfast.Also, dairy products, yo
u can not drink on an empty stomach, and after you eat an apple or a fresh and healthy fruit.
body immunity goes down due to the development of dysbiosis.Bacteria are necessary for the human body.Our gut is home to many beneficial bacteria - probiotics, a total weight of several kilograms.They produced a significant portion of vitamins, degrade toxic waste products of the body.In addition, they constitute an obstacle to the breeding of pathogens that cause intestinal upset.But modern man a lifestyle that is not conducive to ensuring that the intestine supports the need for the number of bacteria probiotics.Food fast food, food preservatives teeming results in that the probiotic organisms are killed in the intestine.In normal intestinal epithelium covered by a layer of probiotic bacteria promoting nutrient absorption and simultaneously prevents the absorption of toxins and allergens.When death intestinal microflora, these substances are directed to the blood.

Probiotics for lifting immunity

In general, probiotics have beneficial effects on the immune system.Interacting with clusters in the gut lymphoid tissue, beneficial bacteria are able to modulate the immune response and stimulation of cell proliferation, "training" antibodies fight against certain infections.
The study found that if a person consumes twice daily dairy products containing probiotic microorganisms, for six months, it contributes to the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections, especially in children of preschool age.Children participating in the experiment, regularly consuming milk products, the incidence of SARS and influenza was observed much less frequently than their peers who did not receive the probiotic microflora.Moreover, cough and fever have been less duration, as a result of the disease side effects occur less frequently.

Types of probiotics

probiotic microorganisms are of two types: bifidobacteria and lactobacillus.
lactobacilli splits milk sugar and thus synthesized lactic acid, which prevents the development of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.Thanks to lactic acid secreted by lactobacilli, skvashivaetsya milk and fermented vegetables.
bifidobacteria allocated special substances that inhibit pathogens, improve intestinal motility, absorption of nutrients that activate the body's metabolism and improve immunity.
lacto-and bifidobacteria themselves have a beneficial effect on the body.And when they are present in the intestine simultaneously, the multiple amplification occurs their beneficial effect - is shown a synergistic effect.Therefore, the quality of fermented milk products should contain both groups of probiotic microorganisms.

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