Modern anti immunomodulators

Under preparations immunomodulators are understood drugs which are characterized immunotropic activity.These drugs at therapeutic doses, are able to restore the immune system.

Classification antiviral immunomodulator

Modern antiviral immune modulators can be divided into 3 groups.The first group includes the endogenous immune modulators.The second included exogenous immunomodulators.And the third group are synthetic immunomodulators.Let us consider each of these groups.
as modern immunomodulators related to endogenous origin, applied immunoregulatory peptides, which are obtained from the central organs of immunity, interferons, cytokines and immunoglobulins (effector proteins of the immune system).Drugs in this group, in turn, are divided into:
- immunoregulatory peptides derived from the central organs of immunity: takvin, Myelopid (obtained from the bone marrow of mammals), timalin.They are natural immunomodulators;
- interferons are protective substances of protein nature, produced by ce
lls as a response to viruses and the effects of other natural or synthetic compounds.Interferons are divided into leukinferon, viferon, eye drops Lokferon, kipferon, Grippferon.They also relate to the natural immunomodulator.
- cytokines: Betaleukin;roncoleukin et al. (about 12);
- immunoglobulins.The brightest representative of this subgroup - a complex immunoglobulin preparation (TRC).
also differ immunomodulators of exogenous origin.These include drugs having bacterial and fungal origin.In medicine approved for use following this type of modern immunomodulators: pirogenal, BCG prodigiozan, ribomunil, nukleinat sodium bronhomunal and others. All of them are able to enhance the functional activity of macrophages and neutrophils.
The latter group includes synthetic immunomodulators, which are obtained by the directed chemical synthesis.These include levamisole and diutsifon.Representatives of the new generation are:
- glutoksim;
- polyoxidonium;
- amiksin;
- Poludanum;
- neovir;
- Alizarin;
- ridostir.
The main drawbacks of modern immunomodulators is that they leave some "trace".An integral part of most modern immunomodulators is the presence of side effects.That is why they need to be used only under strict supervision after obtaining permission or a professional doctor-immunologist.The most unpleasant thing is that drugs in this group, with their thoughtless application can damage the immune system.This is due to the fact that most of these drugs puts the function of our immune system, which means that they "take it out of the game."If the immune system is idle for a long time, it becomes unfit for use.Therefore, after receiving these drugs immune system may not be able to cope with any disease, and we are back to the use of immunomodulators.Thus it produced dependence on them.A vicious circle.
But not so long ago in a class of natural immunomodulators, a new drug - trnasfer factor, which is based on the fact that it is delivered to the information in the "headquarters" of the immune system, thus improving its work increases its selectivity, and it is doneefficiently.We transfer factor no side effects except in cases of individual intolerance.Also, it has no restrictions on age.It has a natural origin and is a universal antiviral immunomodulator.

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