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Aseptic meningitis in children and adults

Under serous meningitis refers to the development of inflammation of the meninges.Its main difference from a number of meningitis is that the disease is affected by the internal membrane that lines the organs, in particular - the brain.Flowing during the development of the disease process may have both primary and secondary nature.Development of the primary process takes place, usually by a virus, and at the base of the secondary process are common diseases (measles, tuberculosis and other).

symptoms of serous meningitis in children and adults

In adults developed blood-brain barrier acts as a sufficiently serious obstacles meningitis.It is because of this disease mainly affects children.Once the virus meningitis managed to penetrate the membrane of the brain almost immediately begins its development and reproduction with hemodynamic changes of vessels.As a result, this leaves a sufficiently large amount of salt and water from the bloodstream into the cerebrospinal fluid, whereby there is an increase

in its volume and increasing the pressure.

duration of the incubation period of the disease is 6-13 days , for which the patient feels weakness, fatigue, in some cases, there is an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.As a rule, the body temperature is greatly increased, reaching 40 degrees, it is accompanied by vomiting, headache and dizziness.These symptoms are often worse even with a simple rotation of the eyeball.

Symptoms of meningitis

Symptoms of serous meningitis in children and adults is a gradual increase in irritability in sick.Children in such cases, it may start to squirm the whole body.The patient indicated the development of extraordinary sensitivity to light and any touch, and therefore the presence of the patient, preferably in a darkened room.

the characteristic symptom of this disease is the appearance of fever, taking place in two waves: a sharp jump in temperature which decreases after 3-4 days, but then it occurs again, without apparent reason.

reasons serous meningitis in children and adults

Serous meningitis can be caused by two viruses: Coxsackie and Echo, which is very firmly respond to the external environment.The causes serous meningitis in children and adults can relate transmission of viruses in the air only when large crowds (for example, when bathing in the pond or in the pool).Much more often they can be identified on unwashed hands and contaminated food.

diagnosis of serous meningitis in children and adults

need for a diagnosis of serous meningitis in children and adults due to the fact that it is a specific treatment.First of all, the potential of the patient is taken to perform the analysis of the blood and cerebrospinal fluid.In the study of their structure draws attention to the presence of leukocytes and the proportion of protein.

Treatment of serous meningitis in children and adults

the treatment of serous meningitis in children and adults provided by antibiotics , because their reception is not achieved any effect due to the fact that the viral etiology of the disease is evident.A very significant role in the treatment of serous meningitis belongs to antiretroviral drugs (for example, interferon and acyclovir ).

Treatment of meningitis

In most cases, the treatment of serous meningitis in children and adult patients received a course of reception and the donor immunoglobulin gamma globulin.If the case is very difficult, the experts prefer normal saline, administered intravenously.If you need to urgently remove the main symptoms (ie severe headache), lumbar punctures are practiced, easily discharging the spinal canal.

In addition, during the treatment of serous meningitis in children and adults, each patient is assigned to receive antihistamines, removing fever and the main symptoms of meningeal syndrome.Because these drugs can be assigned tavegil, suprastin and diphenhydramine.It is important to promptly treat aseptic meningitis, as the disease is concentrated near a vital organ, which enables operation of the whole organism.

Prevention of serous meningitis in children and adults

In order to prevent serous meningitis in children and adults should be more attentive to viral infections, became more observant and serious.Often the flu, measles, or chickenpox can be triggered by severe complications.Also, no harm will compliance with certain rules:

  • avoid contact with potentially sick ticks and rodents, which are not rarely carry the virus serous meningitis;
  • avoiding swimming in the open water (in particular, it should be considered for children up to 6 years);
  • drink only boiled water;
  • rinsing store bought fruits and vegetables;
  • respect for basic rules of personal hygiene (eg, hand washing after putting public areas and before eating).

Meningitis prevention

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