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Scabies - infection , symptoms and treatment

Scabies is a skin disease that causes the itch mite.The female scabies mite long reaches only 0.3-0.4 mm.The duration of her life is about 1 month.Females are doing the moves under the horny layer of the epidermis, where they deposited 2-3 eggs daily, from which later hatch into larvae.Scabies - infection, symptoms and treatment of disease.

infestation scabies

larvae of scabies mite for 2 weeks through several stages and as a result, become adult individuals who rise to the surface of the skin and begin to mate.Males after fertilization, the female will soon die.Then the introduction of fertilized females in the skin of the former or the new owner.It turns out that the clinical picture of the disease vyzyvayuetsya exclusively females.

at room temperature outside the human lifespan scabies mite is a maximum of 2-3 days.The death of the mites at a temperature of 60 ° C occurs within 1 hour during boiling or at temperatures below freezing death of scabies occur almost immediately.

for scabies infectio

n is characterized by the contact transmission mechanism. Humans can be infected through sexual contact, through the way home - clothing and bedding .

Symptoms of scabies

Symptoms of scabies main symptom of scabies is the emergence of itching and scratching traces.There is a growing itch in the evening and at night.Itching occurs not because of the direct effect of mites, and as a result of an allergic reaction to the mites and their feces.In this regard, at the first appearance of the itch of scabies infection is noted in a few weeks.Repeated infection with scabies - the first day.

Eruptions often occur in the interdigital spaces, wrists, the body of the penis, elbow pits, feet, external genitals, buttocks, armpits.If scabies is not affected head and neck, except for patients infants.Despite the fact that the characteristic rash allocated localization, this disease may experience itching anywhere on the body.

Diagnosis of scabies

The diagnosis of scabies is based on the clinical picture (increased itching in the evening and at night, the localization of lesions).The diagnosis should be confirmed whenever possible by identifying burrows themselves mites.

Treatment of scabies

for scabies as key drugs involves the use of:

  • sulfur ointment , which is rubbed into the skin all except the scalp 1 times a day for 5 days.After a day after the last rubbing ill should wash with soap, change underwear and bed linen.Sulfuric ointment has the disadvantage that it has a bad smell and the fact that it often can be triggered by irritation of the skin (especially during re-treatment);
  • benzyl , applied according to the instructions enclosed in the package;
  • Spregal (aerosol) , which must be sprayed over the entire body once, except for the head.12 hours later you need to wash with soap, change underwear and bed linen.The formulation contains detailed instructions, which is recommended to read before you begin use of funds.

During treatment with any of these methods should be boiled and iron on both sides of underwear and bed linen.To make processing without boiling underwear, outerwear, you can use the drug A-PAR (aerosols). can save itching for several weeks after the full treatment of scabies, than confirmed its allergic nature. recommended treatment of sexual partners infected.

re-infestation of scabies

As a rule, there is no recurrence of scabies.The reasons for the resumption of the disease scabies include:

  • reinfection from untreated contacts;
  • undertreated patients with scabies on the background of non-compliance with treatment regimens;
  • treatment of skin in part;
  • reduction in the duration of therapy.

Scabies in children

for children, students, soldiers, is desirable to provide a 10-day quarantine.After 2 weeks it is recommended to see a doctor again to resolve the issue of the need for re-treatment.

risk of contracting other diseases, sexually transmitted

It is worth emphasizing that the skin disease whose transmission is through sexual way (scabies, pubic lice, molluscum contagiosum) serve as markers of other diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.In this regard, the case of a person sexually active, scabies, molluscum contagiosum pubic lice or necessary to perform testing for the presence of other diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, because of the risk of infection and them.

Infection with scabies