pregnancy Calendar

3 months of pregnancy from 11 to 14 weeks

3 months of pregnancy from 11 to 14 weeks is characterized by further changes in the expectant mothers.At this time almost completely formed placenta, which provides a link between the crumbs and his mother.Placenta future baby eats, breathes and even displays the products of metabolism.For women, pregnancy three months makes it possible to forget the early toxicosis, who recently overcame it in the form of nausea and vomiting and to fully enjoy their interesting position.

11th week of pregnancy

11 weeks pregnant woman

So begins 3 months of pregnancy to 11 weeks.At this time, as noted above, held early morning sickness, but it can not but rejoice future moms!But here's mood swings, feelings of tears "for no reason" still does not leave a woman is 11 weeks pregnant.This is due to the fact that pregnancy causes major changes in the body, reflecting on the emotional state and the future mothers.Try to find for themselves a class like that distract from unnecessary anxiety and irritability.Think about the future of a c

hild who depends on your mood and already being developed in your stomach.The weight of the baby is only 7 grams, the end of the week its length is 5.9 cm. 11 week of pregnancy for the unborn child marked the final formation of the thorax, the further rapid development of toes and hands, as well as the formation of the iris (of the eye).

12 weeks of pregnancy

12 weeks pregnant woman

at 12 weeks of pregnancy the baby's weight 45-50g., And its length is 7.24 cm, the diameter of its head is 2.52 sm.Pri such a small amount of amazing is that the baby is alreadya brain, which is different from the adult brain, is that size.In addition, at 12 weeks gestation work becomes more active baby liver, which is already capable of producing bile, and intestine, where there is a peristalsis.The state of health of pregnant wonderfully, because behind toxicosis!At 12 weeks pregnant can safely go on vacation or take a favorite hobby!

13th week of pregnancy

13 weeks pregnant woman

13th week of pregnancy - the baby continues its rapid development.Over 1 term formed the main organs and systems.Slowly start to operate the intestines, stomach and gallbladder, although they are all fully working after birth.The tiny ventricle appears cal original black and green, mainly consisting of bile.By the end of the thirteenth week of pregnancy, the baby's body length is 8.72 cm, the diameter of its head - 2.97 cm. These are the characteristic features of a 13 week pregnancy.

14th week of pregnancy

14 weeks pregnant woman

14th week of pregnancy is interesting in its own way, because in this period begin to work actively kidney and small ureters crumbs, and, therefore, the baby begins to "go pee" in the amniotic fluid.It's not scary, because urine is excreted with water via the placenta.Besides, right now he is learning to take its first breaths to inhale deeply when you see the light.The length of the fruit at this time is 11.5 cm, and his tiny body covered faintly down called lanugo.In short, the 14 week of pregnancy is full of change!

ahead of mom and baby is still quite a long way, which is full of interesting discoveries for both.Soon pipsqueak "knock" on my mother's tummy than take her indescribable joy, is not far off, when using ultrasound can determine the sex of the baby, and then dive into the pleasant bustle of the names and baby accessories.All of this in advance, so get ready for the fun part, dear mother!