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Treatment lacunar tonsillitis in adults and children

Angina is a common childhood disease.Lacunar tonsillitis differs from the usual sore throats that it affects the lymph nodes in the gaps.The disease most often affects children because their immune system is not formed and can not cope with the abundance of bacteria.As the main agent may serve several species of pathogenic microorganisms.In most cases, they are represented by a variety of adenoviruses, streptococci or staphylococci.Treatment lacunar tonsillitis in adults and children in different ways.

lacunar angina treatment with antibiotics

integral part of the treatment of lacunar angina is compliance with bed rest and isolation from the rest of the family and children.Among the drugs as a primary means advocate antibiotics, preferably a broad spectrum of action.They are appointed by a doctor at a dosage rate and, according to the patient's age and severity of the inflammatory process.Treatment with antibiotics if necessary lacunar angina.The most active antibiotics penicillin considered the last

generation - Flemoklav soljutab, flemoksin soljutab, Augmentin, Amoxiclav.For the treatment of lacunar tonsillitis recently widely used antibiotics belonging to the macrolide is azithromycin - Sumamed, Zitrolid and midecamycin - Macropen, which comes in the form of a suspension.The treatment is usually at least 7 days of treatment except for using Sumamaed having prolonged effect.Allowed to use it for 5 days.Not allowed independent termination of treatment with the help of antimicrobial broad-spectrum drugs, becauseby repeated inflammation of the bacteria to develop resistance to the antibiotic, so that he becomes impotent than complicated prognosis.The greatest effect is treatment of angina lacunar achieved if the antibiotic is selected, based on the result of bacterial inoculation of microbial sensitivity to drugs.Within 3 days of such antibiotikogrammy determined the best drug to which the sensitivity of detection of pathogens angina.

Treatment lacunar angina antipyretics

If lacunar tonsillitis accompanied by high fever, the fever can be brought down antipyretics - Nurofenom, paracetamol suspensions or suppositories.Because of the pain in the throat, general intoxication, high temperature, children often refuse meals.In the period of the disease burden on the digestive organs, kidneys, and liver is very high, and therefore the failure of the meal is dictated by the physiological state.The main thing is to try to give the child to drink more fluids, eat a little bit of liquid porridge and soup puree.Because the diet is desirable to exclude fresh milk, sincelactic bacteria are retained on the mucosa and to contribute to oral pathogens propagated.

Treatment lacunar angina drugs

Besides all of the above, recommended the adoption of antihistamines - suprastin, Tsetrina etc., As they help to reduce the swelling of the tonsils, improve breathing and soften the pain when swallowing.It is important, especially in the first 2 days of illness each hour gargle with antiseptic solutions - furatsilina, Hlorofiliptom, Miramistin, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, a decoction of chamomile or oak bark for the treatment of children must use a variety of spray - Ingalipt, Geksoralom, Tantum Verde.In the treatment of lacunar tonsillitis in children and adults, gargling is the most important step, in addition to antibiotics, because you need as often as possible to remove purulent raids and rinse them out of the mouth.

Additional recommendations in the treatment of lacunar angina

Older children and adults can eat candy and absorbable tablet throat, having disinfectant properties.Desirably, the indoor air was moist, fresh and warm.Every day, in the room of the patient is necessary to conduct wet cleaning.Do not be amiss to use cleaner and humidifier, so that will create the best conditions for sick quickly recovered.

After the acute period of the disease is important to a course of vitamin therapy and course of probiotics, aspurulent processes, long-term intoxication weakens the immune system, and treating disturbed intestinal microflora.Generally, treatment is lacunar tonsillitis in adults and children is 10 days.If symptoms are severe and there were complications, you will need 2 weeks or more.It should be noted that the absence of external signs of the disease can not be concluded that the recovery was complete, and therefore the disease has receded or not is determined by a specialist.

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