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Harm cocoa during pregnancy

Cocoa is very nutritious and palatable drink.In the store you can buy instant cocoa, which is the favorite morning drink in children.Cocoa has its pluses and minuses, but still recommended to give it during pregnancy.Consideration should be given during pregnancy harm the cocoa before not stay in front of this drink.


Cocoa Cocoa in its composition contains fenilefilamin, which is a natural atidepressantom.In this regard, after drinking a cup of cocoa on the soul becomes calm and joyful.The organism becomes more alert after drinking this wonderful drink.Besides, cocoa contains large amounts of folic acid, iron and zinc, which are required for women during pregnancy, as well as the protein to be included in the diet.

By useful properties of cocoa is the fact that it contains the hormone endorphin joy, which is required in the case of a bad mood.Since

Cocoa contains caffeine, the drink that increases the pressure.Therefore, the low pressure in the morning is recommended to drink a cup of co

coa.In pregnancy, the cocoa will be useful if the skin has lost elasticity.

harm cocoa

Before the use of cocoa during pregnancy should be explored than harmful cocoa.The first and very significant disadvantage of this drink is more likely to develop an allergic reaction.At first glance it may seem harmless cocoa, but in fact it is quite a strong allergen.During pregnancy a woman's body becomes more sensitive, and therefore the likelihood of allergy background cocoa consumption is quite high.

Additionally, cocoa has the ability to enhance the pressure, which means that the drink is contraindicated in women with high blood pressure.

During pregnancy a woman's body needs calcium, through which formed the skeleton of the future baby and cocoa prevents calcium is absorbed to the extent necessary.Additionally, cocoa helps to ensure that the calcium was washed out as quickly as possible from the body.In case of insufficient amounts of calcium may be affected in the future health of the baby, the baby can be born with low birth weight, birth of a sickly child.A woman with a lack of calcium fade hair, teeth crumble, there are problems with the bones and nails.

the case of the instant cocoa, for example, Nesquik, then to all the above shortcomings, you can add a number of items, why cocoa is harmful during pregnancy.As part of the instant cocoa contains sugar, maltodextrin, cocoa powder, skim milk powder, whey, salt, emulsifier (lecithin), mineral complex with calcium from milk, flavor is identical to natural vitamins.Thus, not all components of the natural cocoa.

harm cocoa is also that they can be increased tone of the uterus, which could lead to the development of spontaneous abortion.

contraindications to the use of cocoa is the presence of kidney problems and gout, as a part of cocoa are purine compounds.

If you do not have any health problems during pregnancy, and you really wanted to have a cup of cocoa, it can afford to, and should not give preference to instant drinks, cocoa abused but in any case not worth it.If the pregnancy accompanied by any complications, it is better to abandon the cocoa, because the health of a child is much more important.