Weight Loss

Features mesotherapy slimming effects and contraindications

Mesotherapy for weight loss is the most effective method of body shaping and skin rejuvenation.In mesotherapy for weight loss has a number of features that you should know before you go to a specialist.In mesotherapy based on modern ideas about the biochemical and physiological processes that occur in the body of each person, and how to influence them.With mesotherapy for weight loss can be solved several problems at once - it is anti-cellulite, fat burning, anti-aging, and Lymphatic lipolytic action.Features mesotherapy slimming effects and contraindications to the procedure.

Features mesotherapy for weight loss

Mesotherapy Slimming features In conducting the classical mesotherapy under the skin of the buttocks, abdomen, arms, thighs and other problem areas introduced a specially prepared "cocktail" at a shallow depth (1.5-6 mm).Depending on the purpose of the appointment procedure and composition of the dosage selected components.The solution was injected with a syringe and needle or short microfine using a special gun injecto


One feature of mesotherapy for weight loss is the accumulation of a mixture of drugs administered in a layer of mesoderm and slow its absorption.Thanks to this problem area is provided sustained action.Thus, using the medicinal composition for mesotherapy not only the drawbacks figures injection also affects directly to the root cause of problems, such as accelerated metabolism.If the proper selection of prescription solution, all the matter in it will complement each other.Because of this greater effect is achieved.

Usually in a "cocktail" slimming contains:

  • lipolitiki by which accelerates the disintegration of fat cells;
  • preparations promoting improve lymph flow and microcirculation;
  • vitamins and minerals;
  • elastin and collagen that improve skin tone.

There factional mesotherapy, which is suitable for clients who are afraid of pain.During the procedure, a needle is selected microzones effect on the skin surface, which are spaced apart evenly.This reduces discomfort by approximately 80%, and positive results can be seen after 2-3 treatments.

Needle Mesotherapy

For patients who are wary of a blood infection, injections, there is a needle-free mesotherapy infections slimming. The varieties of this procedure include:

  • oxygen mesotherapy , where the introduction of active ingredients into the skin by means of a powerful jet of oxygen;
  • ultrasound mesotherapy , in which the skin is exposure to active substances and ultrasonic waves, thereby possible to achieve quite good toning and tightening effect;
  • kriomezoterapiya , during which the problem areas is the impact of the active substance in combination with a cold, so at the same time is an excellent rejuvenating effect;
  • electrophoresis , in which the therapeutic drug is administered to the deep layers of the skin by the action of an electric current.

effects of mesotherapy for weight loss

Entering into the skin substances that are used for mesotherapy raises a number of effects, including:

  • activation of metabolic processes;
  • improvement of microcirculation;
  • withdrawal of excess fluid;
  • destruction of body fat;
  • support skin elasticity.

to strengthen and fix the result, it is desirable to combine mesotherapy and wraps and massages.Regimen selected, based on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Contraindications to mesotherapy for weight loss

contraindications for mesotherapy Usually slimming mesotherapy is performed without anesthesia, because it is almost painless.Sessions have no age limitations.By holding mesotherapy for weight loss should be approached responsibly, and pre-examine all existing contraindications and warnings. Contraindications to mesotherapy for weight loss are:

  • during pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • identify bleeding disorders and other blood diseases;
  • the presence of cancer;
  • diagnosis of diseases, wearing an infectious character, in the acute stage;
  • detection of kidney diseases and biliary tract;
  • period after surgery;
  • presence of herpes;
  • detection of chronic diseases, which are being increased;
  • diagnosis of nephropathy, renal failure;
  • presence of fear of needles (if applicable injection mesotherapy).

addition, mesotherapy for weight loss is not desirable for people who have mental illness, as well as during the use of certain drugs, the list of which is available from your doctor.In this regard, before the mesotherapy should consult with a specialist.These contraindications are allocated based on the application of the various components mezokokteylya that can have negative effects on certain functions.

Indications for mesotherapy for weight loss

TO indications for mesotherapy for weight loss include:

  • the presence of excess weight;
  • presence of obesity;
  • identification of fat in certain areas of the body;
  • presence of cellulite;
  • appearance of stretch marks on the skin;
  • appearance of sagging skin.