Diet for gallstones

the presence of gallstones diet is primarily aimed at reducing the level of harmful cholesterol in the body through nutrition.After all stones are formed because of excess cholesterol, and they deliver a lot of pain and anxiety.In addition, the diet for gallstone disease involves a special diet.The basis of the power in the presence of gallstones is to consume the right fats.

principles of diet in cholelithiasis

  • One of the principles of the diet for gallstone disease is the saturation of dietary fats correct, because the work of the gall bladder is significantly stimulated by any fats, but unsaturated fats prevent stone formation, asthey regulated the amount of cholesterol.Diet for gallstones should include olive oil, avocados, some types of fish, nuts.
  • Eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and foods rich in fiber.
  • Doctors found that with moderate use of wine in the diet in the case of gallstones, lower cholesterol and significantly reduces the risk of gallstones.For a daily rate of accepte
    d no more than 1-2 glasses of wine.
  • Exclude primarily foods that are full of trans fats, fried foods, semi-finished products.Food rich in saturated fats and trans fats are provoked attacks of biliary colic, as well as the formation of stones.In addition, the diet in cholelithiasis eliminates any hunger strike, because one of the common causes of gallstones is a rapid weight loss.This is due to the fact that the reduction of food that enters the body, dramatically changing the ratio of bile salts and cholesterol.
  • presence in the diet of the maximum amount of clean, fresh, organic produce, and the minimum amount of processed foods in which the presence of chemical additives, harmful saturated fats.
  • diet for gallstones provides meals 3-4 times a day, the total volume of products to be no more than 3 kg.Avoid drinking very cold and very hot dishes.Always in the diet must be present foods containing B vitamins, as well as vitamins A and C. The water should be used in amount of at least 1.5 liters every day in order to reduce the concentration of bile.
  • When gallstones should eat food that contains salt, magnesium and dietary fiber.Dietary Fiber admission into the stomach stimulates the secretion of bile, normalizes the work of intestines is regulated metabolism.In addition, when they have a regular consumption of preventing obesity and diabetes.
  • attack of gallstone disease can be triggered by the concentrated meat, fish, mushroom broth, very fatty foods and products, smoked meat, roasted products, canned goods, eggs, especially egg yolks.The diet should limit foods that are rich in cholesterol.These include the brain, liver, fatty fish and meat, lard, beef and mutton fat, butter.
  • In addition, during the period of dieting in cholelithiasis 1 times a week is recommended to conduct fasting days - watermelon, cottage cheese, apple, juice of the day, suhofruktovoy diet.

Superfoods in cholelithiasis

When gallstones to desirable products include any vegetables that can be used in a boiled, cheese, baked form, salads, mashed green peas, boiled and roasted onions.The diet should also be included seafood - mussels, squid, seaweed, scallops, stuffed, fish in aspic.Permission is granted to use lean fish and boiled meat.From sausages are permissible dairy, dietary, doctoral sausage, and lean ham.

Desirable spices in cholelithiasis are parsley and dill, cinnamon, chili powder, bay leaf, cloves.

Of fruit can be eaten raw and cooked in the form of jams, mousses, jams, dried fruit, any sour berries and fruits.From desserts and sweet dishes during dieting when gallstones can not eat chocolates, jellies, honey, candy.Part of the sugar substitute xylitol should or sorbitol.As for drinks, you can drink tea, coffee, milk, vegetable and fruit juices.It is desirable rosehip extracts and vitamin concoctions.
main drink recommended in patients with cholelithiasis should be a decoction of bran, since wheat bran contains large amounts of B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, fiber, essential suffering from cholelithiasis.