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" Tsitovir -3 " with influenza and SARS - Interesting Facts

The best experts in the field of children's medicines are not eminent scientists, and ordinary mom, ready to learn a lot of information to be sure that their children consume only the highest quality and performance-enhancing drugs.That's what one of them referred to in this article, with the emphasis on little-known but important and interesting details about the preparation "Tsitovir-3."

invention drug "Tsitovir 3»

new drug for the treatment of influenza and SARS, began to be developed in the course of research conducted by Lev Yakovlevich Ebert, who together with his colleagues discovered new properties of matter Dibazolum.

That is what scientists at the drug "Tsitovir-3 'were revealed interferonogenous properties, due to which the body's cells become resistant to viruses.But his discovery was not enough evidence, but despite this, using dibasol still were cured variety colds up to the 80s of the last century.

changes in the situation will come only after the beginning of the 80s as a junior res

earcher Tsaplin who tried to strengthen their child's immune system, a series of experiments, one of which gave a result of the invention of the drug "Tsitovir-3."

In the study they had been mixed with timogenom Dibazolum, so that a new drug to obtain a stable shape.Subsequently, it has also added ascorbic acid, by which to optimize the work of the first two components, and "Tsitovir-3" became one of the most effective drugs, which are used in the fight against influenza and SARS.

Security "Tsitovir 3" Allergy

Many people know that "Tsitovir 3" powder safe for children with a variety of allergies, since it includes no sugar, and flavored powders present a hypoallergenic Swiss flavors.

And about the fact that "Tsitovir-3" is safe for kids with allergies as atopic dermatitis, is known not for everyone.It was designed for people with allergies powder "Tsitovir-3" with a neutral taste, which is used to prepare a solution.Its application is not called or itchy rash on the skin, using it effectively strengthens the immune system, resulting in possible maintenance and struggle with atopy, and SARS.

The drug "Tsitovir 3»

Unlike other common immunomodulators effects of the drug "Tsitovir-3" is directly on the cellular, humoral immunity, which helps to ensure that elaborated T and B lymphocytes.This is ensured by the active elements in its composition.

manufactures and endogenous interferon, is responsible for the body's resistance to various viruses.

In addition, with the help of "Tsitovir-3" is activated alpha-interferon and normalizes permeability of small blood vessels, thus inhibited the development of inflammatory processes.All of these actions in the complex is stabilized state immunity in the shortest possible time.

advantages of powder formulation "Tsitovir 3»

Many parents treat their children syrups and pills.But if you have to go somewhere, then take a glass vial with a not always comfortable, while putting pills in the medicine cabinet camp is straightforward.

Most children do not like taking pills, often due to their bitter taste.Also, before you give your child medicine in tablet form of release, the parents have to grind it into a powder.Advantages

powder formulation "Tsitovir 3" is that to give the child the drug in powder form is much easier than other forms.It does not take much space, it has a high shelf-life as compared with the syrup.In addition, the powder formulation is more economical, as such medicine enough for several treatments, while often syrup after opening has a short shelf life.The drug "Tsitovir-3" in the form of powder palatable by the addition of a fructose.And, what is most important in the body's tissues powdered drug absorbed quickly enough.

«Tsitovir-3" for young children

«Tsitovir-3" in powder form, is practically the only issue immunomodulators that can be given to children aged one year, because it is not characteristic of providing a depressing effect on children's immunity.He, on the contrary, strengthens it.

By taking the drug "Tsitovir-3" small children formed lasting immune status at 1-1.5 months, so that it can be used as an excellent prophylactic agent.By the way, many doctors on the basis of individual data of the child, "Tsitovir-3 'registers even the kids who have not reached the age of one year.

Tsitovir -3 for the treatment of SARS and influenza

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