How much drinking water newborn

for all parents is very important question about how much drinking water to the newborn as the consumption of clean drinking water is a solid foundation of human health in adulthood.Where ever you are with your child, you are always at hand to be a container which contains clean drinking water.Do not forget about the existence of certain characteristics of fluid deficit and overheating of the baby.Among the main ones include dry tongue, mucous membranes and skin, infrequent urination, crying without tears, grayish skin, sunken eyes and fontanelle in infants, the occurrence of seizures.If you experience these symptoms should see a specialist.

How much water should drink a newborn?

No need to make a healthy baby to drink water or any other liquid.How much drinking water to the newborn, he can tell you himself.If he has no sense of thirst, he refuses to drink.The task of parents to provide a child enters the water, and he himself decides to drink it or reject it.Besides, if he wants to drink, he himself
is able to determine how much you can drink the water to the newborn.
If you are breast-feeding a baby, the amount of fluid consumed by them should be minimized, sincein human breast milk contains 85% water.But the mother the baby should drink 2.5-3 liters of water daily.
Up to one year the kid enough 120 ml of water per day.From 1 year to 3 years, the amount is 150 ml.Babe older enough to drink 200 ml of water per day.

When you can give the water a newborn?

After the birth of the baby doctors recommend dopaivanie grudnichka water.But does it need?
dopaivanii need for a newborn is, in the event that it is powered infant formula, even if it is combined with breast milk.Dopaivanie water necessary when the temperature outside the room or over 25 degrees.If your baby is drinking eagerly offered him water, you should give him a chance to drink as much water as he wants.
Water is essential in the newborn if his condition is accompanied by loss of fluid - fever, upset his chair, and vomiting.
If the newborn and the mother nursed no conditions listed above, the dopaivanii no sense, and it is not recommended until about 4 months.If a child refuses to drink water, and at the same time he is healthy, his age to 3, 5 months, you should not try to drink the water of the newborn.

What kind of water is recommended to give the newborn

necessary exception of consumption of water from the tap, as if it is boiled, then it can form toxic chlorine compounds, one of which is chloroform.The water can contain nitrites, which are particularly dangerous to infants, since they may be caused by oxygen starvation of tissues.
ensure the quality of the water has when carrying out its cleaning was carried out at the molecular level.Rating acquires water treatment method using the electroactivation process by which prevents these harmful phenomenon is eliminated blockage in children.

How useful elektroakivirovannaya water

elektivirovannoy water for a high degree of purification.It is cleared by at least 70% of the hardness salts of nitrates, nitrites and salts of heavy metals is 97%;of chlorine compounds - 100%.In electroactivated water the same charge AFP, like breast milk.Water has a higher oxygen saturation, it is saturated with silicon ions, thus imparted to her health-restoring properties.At the water has high flavor indices, and therefore it is necessary to your child to taste.