The main types of ellipsoids

ellipsoids are the most popular among all the simulators.They are absolutely safe for the body.During training pedal elliptical cardio perform uniform motion in an elliptical path, so that the joints and spine accounted for the minimum load, but the voltage is sufficient stomach muscles of the back and legs, as well as the burden falls on the arm and shoulder muscles.In addition, well-loaded turn back thighs and buttocks.Through exercises on an elliptical trainer, increased endurance, reduced weight.The main types of ellipsoids are divided based on the system load of the flywheel from its location.

Types ellipsoids

Ellipsoids system load flywheel are of the following types:

  • belt and mechanical;
  • magnetic;
  • electromagnetic.

most expensive of similar models are mechanical ellipsoids.In this type of braking based structure is a tension or decrease tension of the transmission belt that is carried out by applying a force from the person.The disadvantages of this type of ellipsoids is that his work is

done uniformly and not enough noise.

average price of a shell is the magnetic elliptical trainer.The locking system of the magnetic ellipsoid zazhdetsya to zoom in and out of the magnet on the flywheel.The load is adjusted manually.Its operation is carried out with virtually no sound, it is extremely durable, it does not suffer from damage and convenient to use.Exercising on a magnetic ellipsoid, the imposition of a uniform voltage regulation.

most reliable ellipsoids are electromagnetic bombs.They are the quietest, have accurate voltage regulation.These included the construction of an electric locking system.This locking system adjusts CPU simulator and a built-in motor is provided to more clearly exhibiting the braking torque, and thus differentiating the load.The load on the elliptical trainer is typically set programmatically, you must set the value and the computer will automatically pick up the necessary load.This loading system is more modern and technologically advanced compared to the mechanical or manual magnetic.Also adjust the load, you can use built-in training programs.

By location flywheel ellipsoids can be rear-wheel, front-wheel, with a central location flywheel, each of which is characterized by the possession of its own characteristics.

ellipsoids are rear-wheel drive rear-wheel drive simulators, they are in a type of classical machines.Flywheel and the whole system of resistance are located behind the athlete.As a rule, such an elliptical trainer over a long course of the pedals, so that maximum traffic flowing.Simulators of this type have a movable arm rest, fixed to the pedals.Because of this design decision at the aggregate minimum of moving parts, so they are very easy to maintain.

Front-ellipsoids are front-wheel drive, the flywheel when the athlete sees before him.Due to the weight shift to the front of the units in the event of excessive inclination sportsman training apparatus may become unstable, which is its disadvantage.Front-wheel drive elliptical trainers must be equipped with very heavy flywheel, thereby compensated for all the defects of similar design.

elliptical trainer, equipped with a central location flywheel, appeared on the market recently.Their molds truncated form and excellent stability at the expense of a very broad base.In ellipsoids with a central location flywheel very low Q-factor as a flywheel does not prevent the fact that the pedals were placed optimally.Models with the central placement of the flywheel relative to the front-wheel and rear-wheel ellipsoids are more compact, and they require much less space to operate.

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