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Eye drops for babies

Every mom should have some knowledge in the field of medicine, as it is unknown what she will have to face during the upbringing of the child.Actual possess knowledge of eye drops, eye health because the baby is important.You should know what are the eye drops for infants, what are the rules for their use.Only in this case it may prompt first aid for your baby and do not start the disease.

Symptoms of childhood eye diseases

mums often have to deal with children's eye diseases, but this problem can help only an experienced specialist.But parents can promptly detect the first signs of the disease and seek medical advice. Symptoms of childhood eye diseases include:

  • detection of a foreign body in the orbit;
  • appearance of pus in the eyes;
  • occurrence of pain in the eyes of a child, when the baby is constantly Their third and crying at the same time;
  • white of the eye becomes white and colored in any color, wherein vessels are dilated, and the lens is darkened.

If you notice one or more symptoms, th

ere is a possibility that the baby is infected with a contagious disease or irritation came easy, which often arises from the fact that a mote in the eye falls.In this case, doctors recommend the use of child drops - sulfacetamide or tetracycline.But if a child has been diagnosed with a serious infectious disorder that after examination by a doctor, it may be assigned or Tobreks Tropikamid.

eye drops for babies

Choice of eye drops for infants occurs depending on the cause of inflammation.As a rule, the treatment does not take much time, if we turn to the doctor in the early stages of the disease.Frequently eyedrops used in newborns with conjunctivitis, depending on the species of which involves the use of various eye drops.

Eye drops are distinguished by their action, so the different types of conjunctivitis in children need to apply different eye drops.Conventionally, they are divided into several groups: drops for the treatment of viral, bacterial and allergic conjunctivitis.Pediatric Clinical Practice is often faced with an infection of the eyelid skin, conjunctiva, lacrimal organs.

Tobreks eye drops for newborns

Tobreks drops Tobreks Eye Drops, which can be used for babies, appointed in the identification of infectious and inflammatory eye diseases, and their appendages.As these diseases can act blepharitis, keratitis, endophthalmitis, conjunctivitis, and other meybomit.Eye drops Tobreks for newborns are antibacterial agent which has a broad spectrum of action.This drug is a strong bactericidal activity against staphylococci, E. coli, Streptococcus, Klebsiella and some other bacteria.

eye drops instilled Tobreks kids 1 drop 5 times a day .The duration of treatment should not last longer than 7 days.

sulfacetamide eye drops for newborns

sulfacetamide drops Often doctors can be assigned for newborns sulfacetamide eye drops, which are also referred to sulfacetamide.These drops are designed for use only with eye diseases.Newborns is recommended to use the 20% solution of sodium and water sulfacyl.

sulfacetamide eye drops for newborns has an antibacterial effect.They are used only locally, and they are able to penetrate into all parts of the eye, the drug often absorbed into the systemic circulation.When injected into the blood sulfacetamide eye drops in too large quantities, may cause some side effects.Therefore, the drug should be used strictly under doctor's orders.

sulfacetamide eye drops can be used for babies from the first days of life.Due to their use for preventing infectious processes in the newborn, reproduction in cells of pathogenic bacteria, thereby decelerates the development of the disease.

eye drops for newborns Tropikamid

tropicamide drops In ophthalmology eye drops for newborns Tropikamid used as a means to expand the pupil.They can be used to expand the pupil during surgical procedures or diagnostic procedures, remove the spasm of accommodation, to carry out the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the anterior eye (uveitis, keratitis, iridocyclitis).Drops should be used for infants only on prescription.Before the drug is given, it is recommended the determination of the intraocular pressure.The duration and frequency of use of the drug is established by an ophthalmologist.

Eye drops Vitabakt children

Vitabakt drops active substance Vitabakta - pikloksidina hydrochloride.This drug is available in a convenient package with dropwise, a dispenser, helping to pinpoint the number of drops needed and quickly put them on the mucous membrane of the eye. indications for use of the drug are considered mucosal inflammation (conjunctivitis) and the cornea (keratoconjunctivitis).Effective preparation and against dacryocystitis - inflammation of the lacrimal sac in the newborn.

preparation is necessary to drip 1 drop of 2 to 6 times a day.Number instillation depends on the severity of the process and its prevalence.Treatment is necessary to carry out at least 10 days.

After opening the vial the medicine can be stored at a temperature between 15 and 25 ° C for more than a month!

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