The water from the tap .What is it ?

One of the major problems today is the problem of clean water.Scientific progress has generated another problem - pollution.Not everyone will dare to drink water from the tap.Of course, it can and nothing bad will not end, but nobody wants to risk their health.What is dangerous water from the tap?What is it?

composition of the water from the tap

most common water contaminants are iron, manganese, fluoride, sulfide, calcium and magnesium salts, as well as various organic compounds.
Iron, which is present in the water from the tap, does not threaten health, but if its content in the water is increased, the water becomes unpleasant red-brown color, and taste of the water deteriorates.If you use this water for a long time, then the person may receive a variety of diseases of the blood, liver, develop reproductive disorders, allergic reactions.
with high content of manganese in the water from the tap can develop anemia, disrupt the functional state of the central nervous system.Some doctors have bel
ieved that a high content of manganese mutagenic effect on man during pregnancy increases the risk of pathogenic births, stillbirths.
If the water increased salt content of sulfuric and hydrochloric acid (chlorides and sulfates), the unpleasant taste of water becomes salty or bitter-salty.At the use of such water may cause disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract.Deemed unhealthy water chloride content of 1 liter in which more than 350 mg and sulfate - 500 mg.
If the water contains calcium and magnesium cations, it gets tough.The optimal level of hardness - 3.0-3.5 mg eq / l (= mol / cubic meter).With constant use of water, in which the increased rigidity in the body the accumulation of salts, which ultimately leads to the development of diseases of the joints (arthritis, polyarthritis), kidney stones, urinary and gallbladder.
By drinking water from the tap with a high content of fluorine becomes mottled tooth enamel, is an increase in urinary excretion of calcium, reduction of phosphorus and calcium in the bones, the suppression of immune reactivity, there are morphological changes in the liver and kidneys.But low fluorine content in water is not good because of the water depends on the state of human teeth.For example, the incidence of caries depends on how much the water contains fluoride.To the water is not crippled, fluoro therein must be kept between 0.7 - 1.5 mg / l.
the presence of sulfides in water (hydrogen sulfide) in water an unpleasant odor and a water causes skin irritation.Arsenic caused by disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems, which can then contribute to the development of polyneuritis.Harmless arsenic concentration of 0.05 mg / l.
Prolonged admission of strontium in the human body in large quantities (more than 7 mg / L) may appear functional changes in the liver.
cause of senile dementia, neurological changes associated with Parkinson's disease, anxiety can be the accumulation of aluminum in the body.In children, the aluminum caused by violations of motor reactions, anemia, kidney disease, headaches, liver, colitis.
These types of pollution are the chemical.However, there are water and organic impurities, which include the bacteria that cause various diseases.

organic pollution of water from the tap

For example, through contaminated water can be transmitted diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, polio, water fever.And elementary indigestion is not the most pleasant thing.The bacteria die when the water boil.
many years to chlorine disinfection of water used, which is considered the most effective means.But they not only kills bacteria, but it also reacts with other substances, with the formation of no less hazardous to the health of joints.It is these organochlorines (formed, in particular, by boiling chlorinated water) may develop chronic nephritis and hepatitis, toxemia of pregnancy, diathesis in children.Moreover, chlorine is more active element iodine is displaced from the body, thereby weakening the functional status of the thyroid gland.If the water in addition to chlorine, also contains a phenol, the two elements form chlorophenol compounds, which are particularly toxic and dangerous to health.
The list of substances contained in the water from the tap, can continue indefinitely, so it is not recommended to drink water from the tap, if you care about your health.