How to lose weight with the help of the ellipsoid

With Exercise Machine before each person is different goal - to strengthen the cardiovascular system to pump up muscles, lose weight.How to lose weight with the help of an ellipsoid?If you want to lose weight, it is first necessary to review the system of supply and choose an effective diet.But no less important is the inclusion in the process of weight loss exercise, especially exercise on the elliptical trainer.

Exercising on an ellipsoid slimming

When you exercise on an ellipsoid is recommended for weight loss:

  • keep your back straight;
  • not tilt your head.The correct position of the head and back can be achieved, for example, watching television in the classroom;
  • adhere to the principle of regularity of employment, otherwise their performance will not be as high.At the same time overload yourself too, not worth it.On the elliptical trainer is
    enough to engage 3-4 times a week, lasting 30-40 minutes.

exercises on an elliptical trainer for weight loss

In most cases, the elliptical trainer is carried out 4 types of exercise for weight loss - is a classic walking backward walking, walking and sedentary inclined walking.

most often used classic walking, because in this embodiment, the load has to exercise all muscle groups.Classical Walking is the best exercise for cardio usual, when in front of you is not the task of elaboration of a particular muscle group.

When walking the back load is transferred to the hamstrings and calf muscles front due to a significant bending of the knee.This exercise should be done before the upcoming active cardio.

obliquely understood walking movement which mimics to some extent the pressure on the support.In carrying out this exercise, the greatest burden falls on the glutes and hamstrings.Under this option, you make exercise stepping lunges or push support.This is required to observe the position of the hands, which are not involved in the movement of walking with tilted, and they carried out the value of the stabilizers.

When sedentary walking the main burden falls on the front of the thigh - the quadriceps.In carrying out this exercise for losing weight on the ellipsoid on the buttocks has to load not strong.Hands in motion are not involved.

Benefits elliptical

elliptical trainer for weight loss became popular mainly because of its versatility.Its elliptical trajectory movement activates almost all the body parts of the motor, thereby providing the necessary pressure on the press, biceps, hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, triceps, back muscles and neck muscles subsections.

advantage of the elliptical exerciser is that it is almost completely harmless unit for a knee joint, which is important because for people who are overweight, recommended running and other similar forms of stress on the knee joint, asThis may be caused by erasing cartilage and tendons.

In most cases, the elliptical trainer for weight loss includes on-board computer, which allows the installation of the required load, adjust the width and frequency of steps, as well as control of the pulse dealing.Thanks to all of the above takes into account the physical condition of the person engaged in, and exercise are the most effective.

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