Preparations for children

Interferon drugs for children

Interferon is a very popular drug among young mothers and doctors.He may be appointed after suffering severe colds, surgical interventions of various kinds, liver diseases, blood diseases (hepatitis B and C, herpes, genital warts, various tumors in the hematopoietic and lymphatic systems, for example, in myeloma, melanoma, leukemia andthrombocytosis) cancer.Interferon drugs for children should be used on the advice of a physician.

Interferon children

interferon drugs for children have antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating properties.Interferon interferes with viral replication, it inhibits the proliferation of cells infected by viruses.In addition, recombinant interferon stimulates production of specific protein kinase and ribonuclease, preventing translation and damaging the matrix of the RNA virus.The drug stimulates the protective properties of the body against various microorganisms to influence.Interferon is available in the form of suppositories, ointments, drops an

d tablets.

Indications interferon children

drops Indications for use of interferon for the treatment of children is acute viral respiratory infections, including influenza.In addition, the drug can be used for the prevention of these diseases, after direct contact with patients during a seasonal epidemic in kindergartens and schools.

Interferon children

Before you apply interferon children need to prepare a solution, adding 2 ml of cooled boiled water into the vial of powder.Children drug interferon should be instilled into each nostril.Dosage should correspond to the purpose of use.The use of interferon recommends massaging children after instillation of the drops nostrils with your fingers a few minutes for uniform distribution of the drug.

If the drug interferon is used for the child, to prevent influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections, it is administered to 5 drops in each nostril 2 times a day, taking a break is not less than 6 hours.The duration of use depends on the period, while there is a possibility of infection.

to treat SARS and influenza, a drop of interferon begin to dig into the nose as early as possible, when the first signs of the disease.The solution should be administered at least 5 times a day in each nostril 5 drops after every 1-2 hours for 2-3 days.

Another commonly used method of use of interferon for the children is to perform inhalation.To do this, dilute at least 3 ampoules in warm water.This water should not exceed 10 ml.In the acute phase of inhalation should be not less than 1 time every 1-2 hours.Inhalation may be held through the mouth and through the nose.In the case of transmission of viral diseases, interferon can be dripped directly into his eyes.If

interferon preparations used for a long period of time, this may be due to the addictive child organism, whereby it stops responding to treatment with this drug.

Contraindications to the use of interferon for children

Contraindications to the use of interferon for the children is the presence of hypersensitive to the components of the drug.Also, should refrain from the use of funds if there is a history of allergies, occurring in severe forms.

side effects of the drug interferon children

Among the side effects of the drug interferon for children released the appearance of headache, fever, the occurrence of seizures, insomnia, tachycardia, dyspnea, pulmonary edema, arrhythmias, problems with vision, cause nausea,vomiting, hives and others.