What is the elliptical trainer

The elliptical trainer is aligned stepper, treadmill and exercise bike.What is an elliptical trainer?This machine is a multi-function device.The elliptical trainer is a group of cardio or aerobic exercise equipment, in connection with the carrying out of regular training you can achieve weight loss, strengthen the body and improve the body's aerobic capacity.

components elliptical

The components of the elliptical exerciser are:

  • special training programs (for example, a program aimed at strengthening the heart, respiratory and vegetative-vascular system, the dropping of the weight), which are designed for different levels of training and are selected on the basisof our desires;
  • built-in computer monitor that displays parameters such as time, distance, heart rate, calories burned, speed, etc., From which it is possible maintaining precise control over the load;
  • modes of walking and running, the selection of which shall be based on our capabilities.

The elliptical trainer motion of the pedals is

carried out in an ellipse than to a minimum reduces the load on the knee and ankle joints.The load is transferred to the muscles of the legs, thighs, buttocks, arms, back, shoulders and chest.To train a wider group of muscles, elliptical trainers provide execution of movements not only forward but also backward.

Species Elliptical Trainers Elliptical trainers

for technological performance are divided into mechanical, electronic and magnetic.

mechanical simulator work carried out by human physical effort.The load is regulated by the trainees.

have electronic elliptical with electronic load it is possible to program and load changes based on the embedded parameters that are most suitable for you.

Magnetic elliptical trainer has a magnetic system load.It is characterized by a smooth change of load and deceleration without jerks.

Elliptical trainers are of good design and compact in its design.

Advantages elliptical

The advantages of the elliptical exerciser, first of all, include the fact that walking in an elliptical trajectory synchronization of movement of all parts of the body is the most effective form of exercise for the muscles of the legs, thighs, buttocks, arms, back, shoulders andbreasts that are basic.

Thanks elliptical pedaling motion amplitude is reduced to a minimum load on the knee and ankle joints.Junk load is prevented by finding his feet in bent condition.

Due to the possibility of the movement back and forth well-worked muscle groups, not "covered" by other cardio equipment.

preparation for classes on elliptical trainer

Session on any cardio equipment is a fairly strong physical exertion.Even if you consider yourself a completely healthy person in the classroom should carefully listen to myself.Any sudden deterioration of health in the form of pain in the heart or chest, the emergence of a sense of lack of air, severe shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, weakness, headache means that training should be discontinued.If you have been diagnosed with hypertension with frequent crises, the preparation for classes on elliptical trainer includes a consultation with a doctor.

Contraindications for training on the elliptical trainer

Contraindications for training on the elliptical trainer are:

  • presence of severe cardiovascular disease, accompanied by attacks of cardiac asthma, edema;
  • presence of thrombophlebitis;
  • diagnosis tachycardia;
  • frequent occurrence of angina attacks;
  • presence of severe forms of diabetes;
  • diagnosis of cancer, which require emergency treatment;
  • development of any infectious disease.

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