Stretching - contraindications and limitations

As with any other form of serious physical activity, stretching has a number of specific limitations and contraindications.These prohibitions should be treated responsibly and respect the limitations presented below, as might otherwise be caused by injury.By stretching it refers to a set of physical exercises, which are designed to stretch the muscle groups, ligaments and tendons.Consider contraindications and limitations to engage in stretching.

Restrictions stretching exercises

for stretching exercises there are some limitations.First - is the presence of spinal osteochondrosis.In this case, you can not curl much in this area.Manifestations of osteochondrosis can be substantially alleviated by regular exercise stretching, strengthening back and abdominal muscles, stretching the muscles of the shoulder girdle, hip and pelvic muscles.In many cases it is possible to get rid of unpleasant sensations.You should be careful during pregnancy - before classes should consult a doctor.The limitation of stretc

hing exercises is menstruating, should listen to their feelings.If necessary, gentle shape may be formed only minimal exercise.

Sport Stretching should be temporarily suspended or permanently excluded if:

  • elevated body temperature;
  • presence of a simple fracture of one or two of the vertebrae in the lumbar and thoracic spine.Dance classes can be resumed after a year's break, when there is no pain;
  • presence of bone fractures of extremities, complicated by damage to the peripheral nerves;
  • artificial joints;
  • epilepsy;
  • scoliosis, complicated by lower flaccid paraparesis requiring special wearing braces with the aim to relieve the spine;
  • complete immobility of one of the joints of the lower limbs;
  • revealing ankylosing spondylitis;
  • a violation of the ligamentous apparatus of the knee;
  • presence of anomalies of the lower limbs, impeding movement;
  • complicated by occurrence of vertebral fracture with spinal cord injuries;
  • repetitive dizziness;
  • presence of various mental illnesses;
  • detection of diseases of the internal organs in severe degree (diabetes, hypertension, cancer);
  • the presence of cancer;
  • revealing pronounced flatfoot III level, accompanied by pain;
  • presence of tuberculosis of bones and joints;
  • presence of a number of benign tumors of bone (fibrous dysplasia).

Besides, should not engage in stretching the flu and infectious diseases.

should be borne in mind that the above circumstances do not always act as barriers to employment stretching.Sometimes, with the help of stretching may return to health.For example, in certain types of injuries of joints and muscle tissue damage due to physical exercises to restore lost mobility.If you have any doubt you should consult with your doctor.When stretching lesson with your partner need to make sure that it is not contraindicated similar exercise for health reasons.To extract the maximum benefit from stretching classes need to be attentive to their partner.

Contraindications for employment

Stretching Stretching is not useful for all people.As with any other kind of severe exercise, stretching from the lessons there are a number of contraindications.First of all, the presence of any acute injury and inflammation in muscles and spine, any disease of the joints, all kinds of severe curvature of the spine.Contraindications for stretching exercises is the presence of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fractures, hematomas, hernias.In addition, it is forbidden to engage in stretching in the postoperative period.Contraindications are also any diseases of the cardiovascular system, thrombosis, hypertension, and malignant tumors.

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