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Pimafucin cream for the treatment of candidiasis in children

Pimafutsin is classified as antifungal agents are most effective against fungi which belong to the genus Candida.Using Pimafucin cream for the treatment of candidiasis in children, can achieve good results.The drug can be used for infants and children older than age.

Thrush in children

If you notice any symptoms pointing to the development of thrush in the child should see a doctor, who will be given treatment, given the characteristics of the child's body.

First you need to remove the factors that led to the development of the disease.In the presence of the surface, the local, early forms of conduct provides only external therapy - irrigation foci antifungal, disinfectants, alkalizing agents.

With the development of candidiasis in children who are breastfed after feeding mother should be treated nipples using soda solution (2%), which in Article 1.boiled water dissolve 1 tspsoda.During the treatment of candidiasis in children should be boiled all the things that can get in your baby's mouth.

thrush in children should be treated before the disappearance of the clinical manifestations of the disease.The duration of treatment should be at least 2 weeks.This period is necessary due to the fact that even if the symptoms have disappeared candidiasis, we can not say with confidence that the pathogen has been eliminated.Treatment time may be extended or reduced according to the treating physician.Thrush in children must necessarily being treated as any disease at that age can give complications.

Because of vaginal candidiasis in girls possibly fusion of the labia or the vagina that later corrected surgically.In addition, the possible development of sepsis.

If you have candidiasis oral disease can go on the organs of the digestive system.

Pimafucin cream for the treatment of yeast infections in girls

With cream Pimafucin possible to carry out the treatment of yeast infections in girls and young women.The cream should be applied to the affected surface of the mucous and to the skin of genitals thin layer several times a day until the disappearance of yeast and for a few days to minimize the amount of fungal genus Candida.

Pimafucin cream for the treatment of candidiasis in infants

of candidiasis of the skin of newborns helps the passage of the child genital tract mother having the disease at the time of delivery.In such a situation on the baby's skin in natural folds appear redness, swelling, it becomes wet, thus are formed bright red erosion.Perhaps the development of candidiasis smooth skin, which is characterized by the appearance on the skin of baby pink elevations - papules that have irregular edges.On the surface the appearance of papules observed bubbles, bursting with the formation of erosions.Can also be mixed forms of candidiasis, when combined, these two types of diseases.

This disease can be life-threatening because of the newborn that may spread to the internal organs of candidiasis.For the treatment of candidiasis in infants applied Pimafucin cream, which is applied up to 4 times a day to the affected skin.But if most of lesions of the skin, the cream should be applied to portions.Do not apply the cream Pimafucin the entire skin of the child.

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