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Pumpkin - useful properties and recipes

Pumpkin is one of the most low-calorie foods.With the pumpkin seeds can cleanse the body of worms.In the pumpkin seeds contain vitamin E and amino acids.Vitamin E is the main element, which is important in order to preserve youth, because it is suspended due the aging process, stimulates the correct operation of the sex glands.In addition, the medicinal properties have been identified and pumpkin pulp.Pumpkin - properties and recipes for healthy dishes.

pumpkin dishes

Useful properties of pumpkin

Pumpkin is one of the most well-known diuretic plant.In addition, it contains potassium, calcium, sugar, iron, vitamin PP and C, carotene and protein, magnesium and fiber .Pumpkin can produce substances that suppress the development of the tubercle bacillus.With regular use of fruit pulp of pumpkin, quality improves bowel.In addition, will mark a significant improvement in the motility and peristalsis, cholesterol is within the normal range, excess fluid will leave the tissue, toxins are removed.Pumpkin has a pronounce

d cleaning effect.Useful properties of pumpkin are essential in detecting atherosclerosis, various diseases of the intestine, gall bladder and constipation.Also, pumpkin can be assigned in diabetes and gout.For example, if a woman during pregnancy suffer from toxicity in the early stages, then it can be recommended for pumpkin pulp.In addition, pumpkin contains a unique vitamin T, through which accelerated over the body metabolism.Another useful properties of pumpkin is the presence of a remarkable pro-vitamin A, which helps strengthen the immune system, slow the aging process.

Useful properties of pumpkin in cosmetics

Pumpkin has been widely used in cosmetology.

  • Oily skin. example, because it can be prepared a wonderful mask for oily skin.To do this you need to take gruel, consisting of 3 tbspcooked pumpkin, add egg whites to not more than ½ tsphoney.Next, the mask is applied to the face in the form of heat and kept for 15 minutes.Then rinse mask with cold water.If you wish to get rid of blackheads and shine on your face, you need to wipe your face with a piece of pumpkin in the morning and evening.If possible, it is not superfluous to repeat the day.

  • Dry skin. Useful properties of pumpkin in cosmetics can be used for making masks, suitable for dry skin, you need to take boiled pyurirovanuyu and pumpkin and beat it with olive oil.After this means is applied to the skin for 20 minutes, then washed off all cold water.

The benefits of pumpkin juice

Pumpkin juice is a wonderful antioxidant , rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.If you add the garlic to the pumpkin, it will be able to cure colds, sore throats, complex intestinal infections.The use of fresh pumpkin juice is marked in case of constipation and any inflammation of the urogenital system.In addition, a fresh pumpkin juice can be drunk in detecting liver disease and hemorrhoids, with neurodevelopmental disorders.With the pumpkin from the body remarkable conclusion salt, excess fluid.This kidney tissue quite annoying.To soothe the nerves is recommended to drink a decoction made from the pulp of the pumpkin, 1/3 Art.before sleep.

benefits of pumpkin juice can also be used if you burned in the sun.In this case it is necessary to lay down several times gauze and cover with the pumpkin juice.Apply to burned skin.Such applications are often used in the treatment of any thermal burns, and burns from nettles.In these cases, pumpkin juice is added crushed ice and the resulting slurry is applied to the skin and removed immediately after heating the mixture.

Recipes Pumpkin

very successfully combined with pumpkin millet gruel. To prepare such delicacies should be cleaned pumpkin, chopped into cubes and clean from the skin and seeds.Then put the pumpkin in boiling milk, add salt, a little sugar, brought to a boil.Then you need to fill up a small amount of wheat, washed beforehand and cook porridge as usual.

pumpkin porridge

Recipes pumpkin include pumpkin fritters. This product retains its useful properties even when the heat treatment.To prepare pumpkin fritters should take 500g pumpkin, ½ art.flour and ½ st.semolina, add salt to taste, and no more than 2 tablespoonssugar.Pumpkin pre-peeled and seeds.Then frays across a large grater.In this mass add flour and semolina, salt and sugar.Knead the dough.The weight must be properly mixed, put into a pan with hot oil.These delicious eat pancakes with sour cream.

excellent dietary dish is a salad of pumpkin. To prepare it, you need to take 500 grams of pumpkin, any variety of apple desired, 1 tablespoonhoney, ½ of Art.walnuts, raisins washed, a little lemon juice and sour cream.Pumpkin to start to clean, rinse the pieces under running water, grind through a large grater, a little honey and add prisolit.Apple should be cut into small cubes and mix with pumpkin and sprinkle with lemon juice.Then add nuts and raisins, all dressed with sour cream.