Silver water at home

Silver water in the home can be achieved in two ways.One of them is fairly simple, and the second - harder.


If your goal is to improve the taste of water, and if you want to protect yourself from germs, then you need to pour water into a cup, teapot or pitcher in the amount necessary for you.If the water is chlorinated, it is necessary to hold for 3-for-5 o'clock in an open container (if a bucket of water, it is better to leave it open all night).After that, the water for a few days, put an object in silver - coin, a spoon, a glass.A few days later you will have a silver water.Upon receipt of silver water in the home in this way should take into account that the concentration of silver is very weak.For the treatment of such water is not suitable.But this is the way many of preparing silver water, which is then used for various household needs.First of all, this water is used for making tea, coffee and other beverages.

Method 2

The second method is more complicated.For the prepara

tion of silver water used ordinary quartz battery (4.5 volt) power supply "Krona" (9 volts).To get started you will need make simple device that can be used to saturate the water with silver ions.Directly or through pieces of copper wire needed to connect the battery or crown silver object to the terminal marked "+" and to the terminal marked "-" - a piece of stainless steel.In both cases it is possible to use teaspoons because after we connected to the source, we obtain electrodes which must be lowered into the water.In this state, the unit is on.

Silver water - how to cook and how to use

direct current from the power supply can be quickly saturate the water with silver ions.Speaking scientifically, the process is called an electrolytic method of preparation of silver water.This method is most effective.
Silver water obtained in this way can be used for disinfection of mineral and drinking water, the preservation of a number of food products, pharmaceuticals, as well as for medicinal purposes.When the concentration of silver will be enough above the surface of silver objects begin to appear white cloud.This means that the improvised electrodes can be extracted from water.Thereafter, the water to stand for 4 hours and after this time it can be consumed.In general, the time required for enriching water with silver ions by this method depends on the purpose for which we need water: for drinking, for the treatment, for prevention of diseases for external or internal use.Therefore, there are three types of saturation: weak, medium and strong.

use silver water

If you use water as a preventive measure, while operation of the device in three-liter jar of 30 seconds.This water has a low concentration.Eat inside this water can be virtually without restriction.
How to use silver water man
To make the average concentration of water that is used for medicinal purposes, it is necessary that the work of the device electrodes was 3 minutes.Water should be at 100-125 ml within a month for 15 minutes before eating.After a month of water consumption need to take a break.If necessary, the course may be repeated, but no earlier than 2 weeks.
highly enriched silver water is used for outdoor treatments.In this case it is necessary to take one liter of water, instead of 3, and the electrodes to keep it for 5 minutes.This water is used to treat angina and other diseases of the throat and mouth (such water drinking is not only gargle and mouth), enemas, lotions, for various dermatological diseases.

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