Exoderil fungus during pregnancy - is it possible ?

Exoderil belongs to the category of anti-fungal drugs, the purpose of which is outdoors.Ekzoderilom shown activity against dermatophytes, molds, yeasts and other fungi.He also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action.In particular Exoderil is effective during the treatment of fungal infections occurring in the hairy parts of the body, skin hyperkeratosis, which is defined as the occurrence of thickened skin areas on which actinic boost.Is it possible to apply Exoderil fungus during pregnancy?Composition


solution for external application Exoderil in its composition comprises naftifine hydrochloride which is an active substance, and ethanol, purified water and propylene glycol, auxiliary substances.When the active substance gets on your skin, it penetrates all skin layers than are sustainable therapeutic concentrations of anti-fungus.Absorption occurs in the blood of about 6% of the drug, has very little systemic effect which has significance only in the presence of allergic reactions.

Effect of the drug in the solution and the cream is stored during the day, in connection with which the drug is allowed to use one time per day.

Exoderil After contact with skin, they suppress the vital activity of pathogenic fungi as inhibits the synthesis of biologically active substances, which is required in order to carried out the construction of the cell walls of fungi.As a result of vital activity of cells and inhibited their death occurs.For Exoderil marketed as a solution and a cream, it is also characterized by possessing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, so that the drug is especially effective during the treatment of mixed fungal and bacterial infections.

Indications solution and cream Exoderil

Indications for use of the solution and cream Exoderil is the presence of fungal, fungal and bacterial infections, for example, microspores, athlete, candidiasis of the skin and others. In particular, notes the effectiveness of the solution Exoderil in case of skin lesions scalpof the head, and the skin of the skin, which actinic boost.

Application solution and cream Exoderil

Before you apply the solution or cream Exoderil, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and dried.Then the solution is applied, which is recommended to cover the affected and healthy skin located around the diseased within a radius of 1 cm from the edges where there is the presence of fungus.Under the influence of the drug is dried weeping surface, eliminates burning and itching.In the presence of deep mycosis treatment duration can be from 4 to 8 weeks, in case of treatment of candidiasis - 4 weeks.

Application Exoderil convenient solution for the treatment of onychomycosis, which are defined as fungal nails.Before starting treatment, fungal attack of the nail plate is removed with scissors, then applied a solution Exoderil 2 times a day for 6 months.In the treatment of fungal infections is not recommended the use of airtight dressings with Ekzoderilom if it was not prescribed by a doctor.

is the treatment of any fungal infections, applying a solution or cream Exoderil recommended for another 2 weeks after the disappearance of all signs of the disease.

Application Exoderil pregnancy

studies have been conducted Exoderil preparation, during which it was confirmed that the topical application of Exoderil has no toxic effects on the body.But during pregnancy the use Exoderil should be negotiated with the doctor, and they should be strictly prescribed dosage of the drug.

Do not forget that the use of drugs, even has a local toxic effect, the future mother must be negotiated with the doctor.Also, the use of a means of pregnancy only useful when the expected positive effect of the applied medicament greater damage to them.

solutions and Exoderil cream should be used with caution during lactation, and after the procedure it is desirable to carefully mother hands to avoid getting the drug in any amount to the skin and mucous baby.