Strong painkillers

Pain is the body's response to burglar various diseases.It signals the body began in pathological processes that require the intervention of a doctor.


moderate and mild pain facilitate analgesics.However, despite the fact that analgesics effective in controlling pain, their use is not treatment.These drugs are only able to drown out the body's response to pain.To fully get rid of pain is necessary to find and eliminate the cause that has caused them.For example, any inflammation and lesions of the internal organs felt the pain, but not enough to simply relieve pain, require serious and urgent treatment.

analgesics in many countries do not apply and withdrawn from sale, but we have no analgin, aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), paracetamol does not do any one home kit.By the number of contraindications and restrictions (with the exception of breast-feeding and pregnancy) is the safest analgesic Paracetamol.However, doctors recommend taking it no more than five days.Analgin is also relatively

safe, but it should be one-time, and only those who are eighteen years of age.If

cropped pain, hand, there is only an aspirin, then it is necessary to pre-crush.Wash down with a drink should be alkaline (alkaline mineral water or milk).Harmful effects of the drug on the body will help smooth out its welcome after a meal, a spoon of vegetable oil, vitamin E. It is better if the aspirin is in the form of coated tablets or soluble or effervescent.

It is very important to choose the right drug for the treatment of pain, because according to statistics fifty percent of acute gastrointestinal bleeding provoked analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs that are sold in pharmacies.

use of strong painkillers

When pronounced pain used strong painkillers, which often are drugs.These drugs include methadone, morphine, promedol, fentanyl, omnopon.Some of these drugs relieve a lot of pain for a short time, and some for a longer period.Choosing this characteristic of a particular drug, you need to understand what kind of a pain to get rid.The short painkillers relieve paroxysmal pain and drugs a long-acting relieve pain throughout the day.

To date, the most effective painkillers are opioids.However, these funds have a significant drawback - at their reception there is addictive.Therefore, in order to avoid negative impacts should be taken under close medical supervision.

most powerful tool to get rid of chronic pain are buprinorfin and fentanyl.The intensive therapy using the drug sufentanil, which is more powerful than morphine in a thousand times.

Side effects of painkillers

Unfortunately, for strong painkillers, as with all drugs, there are side effects: drowsiness, constipation, dry mouth, nausea.But patients suffer side effects is much easier than a lot of pain.

Another danger lies in wait for the patient while taking strong painkillers - is dependent on the drug.Dependence is not to be confused with addiction to the drug, as addictive manifested in a strong enough reaction to the drug and it is not very potent.The dependence is a morbid physical and / or psychological need of the preparation.

if necessary to enhance the effect, pain relievers combined with other drugs.In such instances, the steroids, antihistamines, anticonvulsants, tranquilizers.To combat the addiction using antidepressants.

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