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Useful properties of dogwood , composition and use of dogwood

Dogwood in most cases is a shrub reaching a height of 5-to 7 meters, sometimes it can be a small tree.It has long been known as dogwood fruit plant has valuable medicinal properties.It is very valuable for being rich in vitamin C. For fruit dogwood is characterized by the possession of antiscorbutic properties.To date, dogwood berries preparing pasta, jellies for food sailors and astronauts on extended journeys.Useful properties of dogwood, dogwood composition.

Useful properties of dogwood

for therapeutic purposes can be used leaves, fruit, bark and roots of the plant.Leaves should be collected in July, the fruit - when ripe, bark - in the period of sap flow, and the roots - early spring or fall.The leaves, bark and roots are dried under a canopy, they should unfold with a thin layer.Fruits to be dried in the dryer.These bars of dogwood can be stored up to 3 years.

  • Due to the fact that the dogwood contains tannins, it does that ceased loose stools, ieastringent action.
  • dogwood berries are als
    o very useful for diabetics and people who have observed the presence of addiction to it, as they lowered the blood sugar levels and enhanced enzymatic activity of the pancreas, which helps digestion.
  • By the beneficial properties of dogwood can be attributed to an astringent, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, choleretic and diuretic action.A decoction of the bark and fruit of the plant has a stimulating, firming and toning effect.
  • Berries dogwood increases appetite and improves digestion and can be used in the presence of gastric and intestinal disorders as cholagogue and dysentery - as a binder.
  • indigestion in children is recommended to give them a jelly made from dogwood and pears.
  • Due to the content of biologically active substances using the berries of dogwood is possible to normalize blood pressure, the pressure vessels of the brain, relieve headaches and prevent the development of multiple sclerosis.Dogwoods strengthens the capillaries and the vascular wall.
  • It is useful for a leg edema, inflammation of the veins and venous insufficiency.
  • Overall dogwood improves the body's metabolism, it helps ease the condition in diseases of the joints, skin diseases, gout.
  • addition, diuretics and anti-inflammatory properties of dogwood can be used for inflammation of the bladder and cystitis.

composition dogwood

The structure includes 100 grams of Cornus 85 grams of water, 10.5 grams carbohydrates, 0.9 grams protein, 1.6 grams fat, 2 grams of organic acids, 0.8 grams of ash.

Useful properties of dogwood explained by high biological value of its berries in the pulp containing 10-17% glucose and fructose;3.5% malic, citric and succinic acids, organic;pectin, nitrogenous and tannins;to 160 mg of vitamin C, provitamin A and P;up to 5% of flavonoids;essential oils, volatile, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and sulfur.


dogwood Dogwood can be eaten raw, and from the fruit can be cooked compotes, juices, pickles, syrup, jam, jelly, jam, wine, liqueurs and brandy.Besides, dogwood added as a seasoning for meat dishes and fish.

leaves and dogwood flowers are preparing the infusion, which is characterized by possessing antipyretic and bactericidal action.Application dogwood as a tincture is recommended for fever, tuberculosis and respiratory diseases.If you add a decoction of the root rye flour, and honey, you'll get a compress, which helps get rid of boils and abscesses.

Berry dogwood

root decoction prepared for the purpose of oral administration, and the infusion of the leaves rinse their mouths with malaria.The jam dogwood berries contain many vitamins.Its useful to use the flu, colds and respiratory diseases.

for cornel juice characterized by the possession of a good anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties.

addition, dogwood and products made on its basis, can be used for the prevention of the above diseases and problems which can occur in humans.

Contraindications for use dogwood

To use dogwood is allocated a number of contraindications, including:

  • detection of violations in the stomach due to its high acidity, as dogwood increases the production of gastric juice;
  • presence of insomnia, as the plant is excited nervous system.

addition, possible identification of individual intolerance dogwood.

Cornel cornel juice and not recommended to use for people who suffer from constipation.Do not use products from the dogwood at night for people who have nervous system excitable.

dogwood use