The solution Exoderil - Instructions and Application

Exoderil refers to a variety of antifungal agents intended for topical application.The drug belongs to the class of allylamine.Exoderil solution has anti-inflammatory action helps to ensure that the symptoms of inflammation, especially itching, quickly disappeared.The active ingredient is naftifine, which rapidly penetrates the skin, than in its various layers are resistant antifungal concentration whereby the solution can be used one time per day.Read the instructions and use the solution Exoderil.

composition solution Exoderil

Exoderil solution is designed for outdoor use.The composition includes a solution Exoderil naftivina hydrochloride, which is the active substance.As excipients used ethanol, propylene glycol, purified water.The solution itself is colorless, transparent and has a slightly yellow tinge and has a smell of ethanol.

Indications solution Exoderil

Indications for use of the solution is Exoderil:

  • presence of fungal infections of the skin and skin folds;
  • occurrence of interdigi
    tal mycosis;
  • development of fungal nail infections (onychomycosis);
  • candidiasis of the skin;
  • occurrence of tinea versicolor;
  • presence of ringworm, itchy or not.

Exoderil solution is an effective drug used in the treatment of fungal infections which become affected area of ​​skin with hyperkeratosis, areas of hair growth.

Contraindications solution Exoderil

Contraindications to the use of the solution Exoderil is the occurrence of hypersensitivity to naftifine or propylene glycol.In addition, a contraindication is the presence of pregnancy, lactation, since it does not determine the efficacy and safety of funds.The drug should not be applied to the wound surface.Precautions Exoderil solution should be used in children as there are restrictions on clinical experience.

Application solution Exoderil

Exoderil solution is designed for outdoor use.The drug is applied to the affected surface of the skin, as well as to areas adjacent to it, one time per day.Approximately 1 cm should be captured by a healthy area of ​​skin around the edges of the lesion.Previously, these areas should be thoroughly cleaned and dried.In the treatment of tinea course duration is 2-4 weeks.In case of necessity the treatment can take up to 8 weeks.In the presence of candidiasis treatment lasts for 4 weeks.In the case of nail infections Exoderil solution should be applied to the affected nail 2 times per day.Before you apply the drug for the first time, the affected portion of the nail should be removed as much as possible, which used a pair of scissors or nail file.When onychomycosis therapy could take up to 6 months.In order to prevent recurrence of the disease, the treatment should be carried out for at least another 2 weeks after clinical symptoms disappear.

the treatment of fungal infections of the outer ear canal with a solution Exoderil necessary to carry out the procedures for at least 14 days.Local treatment is carried out inserting into the ear cotton turundas are pre-moistened in a solution Exoderil.Turundy left in the ear for 5-8 minutes and performed 1-2 times a day.

Side effects solution Exoderil

side-effect of the application of the solution can be Exoderil occurrence of local reactions, such as skin dryness, redness and burning of the skin.For the side-effects characteristic of the reversible nature of the possession, and to address them is not necessary to repeal the treatment.

Instruction solution Exoderil

Exoderil When applying the solution, according to the instructions, the drug should not be used in ophthalmology.The solution should not get in eyes or on areas of open wounds.Ekzoderilom not adversely affect the ability to drive and perform other activities that require the speed of psychomotor reactions and concentration.