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Pimafucin cream for men - treatment of thrush

Pimafucin is an antifungal drug, which is characterized by the manifestation of the greatest efficacy against fungi genus Candida.These fungi, in turn, cause candidiasis.With cream Pimafucin possible treatment of thrush in men.

Thrush in men

Men's bodies are so arranged physiologically, it contributes to the effective leaching of the fungus directly from urethral urine.Because of this, in the male body fungus Candida take root much more difficult in comparison with the female body.In this regard, by men often overlooked disease.In addition to its current form it is characterized by fairly easy.But when a man feeling the symptoms of the disease, thrush gives him plenty of troubles.This fact suggests that the immune system is lowered or the presence of other infections that are sexually transmitted.Such patients recommended the passage of a complete and thorough examination.

as a common and very effective means to deal with discomfort in the genital area used Pimafucin cream for men.

Signs and symptoms of yeast infection in men

As a rule, men thrush occurs in the course of a balanoposthitis, which should be understood by the occurrence of inflammation of the glans penis and foreskin.The head of the penis when it becomes red and it appears edema, which is accompanied by itching and burning.After some time on this place begins the appearance of white raids resembling curdled milk.In the glans penis inflammation can lead to the fact that there are disturbances to the process of urination, including the occurrence of painful urination, as well as to the appearance of pain during sexual intercourse. then applied antifungal drugs, including widely spread Pimafucin.

When the above symptoms should immediately visit a qualified specialist.If the process is at an early stage, for the treatment of thrush doctor recommends a topical treatment.

thrush often occurs in men erased, with the absence of clinical manifestations.In this regard, men do not always go to the doctor and try to treat the disease, resulting in candidiasis can spread to the internal genital organs.As a further problem appears that in men candidiasis rarely occurs on the "scratch."Typically, its development occurs when in the area already has some problems, for example, urological or venereal diseases which occur hidden and lead to the fact that reduced immunity.

Pimafucin cream composition and properties

Pimafucin The preparation includes the active substance natamycin.The drug is an antibiotic, which is characterized by possessing broad spectrum of activity.It is a powerful antimycotic remedy, active influence on the cell membrane of the fungus and destroying their structure, resulting in cell death occurs.This drug is considered to be quite effective against most pathogenic fungi.

Pimafucin cream for the treatment of yeast infections in men

the treatment of yeast infection in men Pimafucin cream is applied several times a day to the affected areas.Treatment may be of different duration.Check treatment should be, wait a few days after will be the clinical manifestations of thrush.If during the first days of treatment cream Pimafucin was no significant improvement, it is recommended additional intake in tablets.

Pimafucin Cream has a unique ability to not cause the occurrence of allergic reactions that have an impact on pathogens.

Side effects cream Pimafucin

In some cases, during treatment with topical cream Pimafucin men can appear side effects such as the appearance of a burning sensation, but this symptom is not a base to discontinue use.