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The healing properties of blueberries for the body

Blueberries are a wonderful combination of tasty and healthy.The fresh and dried blueberries contains a huge amount of vitamins and other micronutrients are many that are needed for a person in the modern pace of life.The healing properties of blueberries to the body recognized scholars and folk medicine.It is important that blueberries are grown in ecologically clean regions.

benefits of blueberries

main advantage of blueberries is that it contains antioxidants, which influence the cellular level to the poor quality of the tumor, without providing opportunities for education, that is, they act as a good prevention.Blueberry antioxidants called anthocyanins, which effectively show themselves during cancer prevention.

benefits of blueberries is that it incorporates many of the elements includes:

  • magnesium, potassium, carbohydrates and phosphorus;
  • organic acid, copper, iron and other minerals;
  • pantothenic acid , which helps to ensure that the metabolism become better;
  • vitamins A, C, B1, B6,
    vitamin PP;
  • pectins, cleanses the intestines of toxins and metal salts.

healing properties of blueberry

Properties blueberries

  • Antiseptic. Blueberry is an excellent antiseptic and antibiotic, given to us by nature.Blueberries are suitable for the treatment of cough or throat.In this approach themselves berries and decoction prepared from leaves.
  • gastrointestinal tract. healing properties of blueberries have been identified to address problems with the gastrointestinal tract.For the treatment of diseases of the stomach, colitis used juice and broth, fresh and dried fruit.For the treatment of constipation with fresh blueberries and diarrhea - dried.This is due to the fact that blueberries contains substances which have a disinfectant action on the stomach.Intestinal microflora thereby improving occurs preventing putrefaction occurring within the intestine.
  • Rheumatism. blueberries have anti-inflammatory effects, it is used for rheumatism, liver disease, gallbladder.
  • Genitourinary System. healing properties of blueberries are able to express themselves in the presence of diseases of the urinary tract.In ancient times, healers blueberries are recommended for necessary regulation of the menstrual cycle.Currently, products based on blueberries are struggling with kidney disease and bladder.
  • If you have any complications caused by diabetes, blueberries helps to reduce blood sugar and stabilization of the organs and glands.
  • skin. addition, blueberries found application in cosmetics, the purpose of which is to hydrate the skin and provide anti-inflammatory action.
  • slag. healing properties of blueberries are seen in its ability to detoxification, is directly related to aging and destruction of the body.
  • Immunity. Blueberries can be used for the prevention of several diseases.Its use enhances immunity, improve the functioning of all organs, the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • diet. should also mention the dietary benefits of blueberries.It contains a few dozen calories while you enrich the huge amount of vitamins and minerals, and because the absorption of berries in the body is faster compared to the tablets.Therefore, you should pay attention to this berry if you set out to lose weight, because it contains everything necessary for the body: proteins, carbohydrates, fiber.
  • view. Since blueberries helps improve vision, it is recommended for people who want to improve their vision.
  • wounds.In order outer wound treatment involves the use of infusion of leaves of blueberry, which you need to brew 1 teaspoon1 tablespoon shredded leaves.boiling water, let stand for 30 minutes on a hot plate and drain.

Useful properties of blueberry leaves

blueberry leaves contain a large amount of tannins, flavonoids, triterpene acids, vitamin C, essential oils, glycoside arbutin, carotenoids.The leaves are best collected during flowering of blueberries.They should be carefully cut with scissors, and dry in a well ventilated area, then pack your bags.

Useful properties of blueberry leaves lie in the fact that they tone up, knit, they have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action.Blueberry leaves are used as tea leaves and tea.But most of the leaves are used in lesions and skin disease: treatment of burns, wounds, weeping eczema and other skin diseases.To do this, prepare a blueberry leaf infusion: 2 tablespoons mincedand brew boiling water.After half an hour, you can drain and use.

mouthwash need to prepare a decoction of the leaves of blueberry.If the initial stage of diabetes, then 1 tablespoonleaves filled with 1 water, leave, wrapped, for 30-40 minutes, strain.It should take 1 tbsp.infusion 3 times a day in small sips chilled.

The leaves of blueberries