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Pumpkin seeds from worms - recipes

Pumpkin seeds are the product, has many useful properties.But one of the most unique qualities of pumpkin seeds is that they are a safe and effective tool that can be used against various parasites, including worms.Pumpkin seeds cleaned the body at any level, so with the help of these worms can be driven in both adults and children.Pumpkin seeds from worms - recipes.

benefits of pumpkin seeds

In Pumpkin seeds contain vitamins B, E and PP, ascorbic acid, a fatty oil, mineral salts, resinous material (silicon, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and calcium) .

  • Zinc contributes to the normalization of the brain, strengthen vision, stimulate the digestive system, etc.
  • for male body pumpkin seeds can be useful for the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Eating pumpkin seeds useful for people involved in mental activity (eg students).
  • Benefits of pumpkin seeds are also marked by high temperatures, presence of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
  • decoction of pumpkin seeds is useful to
    use for insomnia.
  • oil made from pumpkin seeds is useful in case of diarrhea, the development of tuberculosis and the emergence of dryness in the nasal cavity.
  • Eating pumpkin seeds after a meal stimulates the gastro-intestinal tract.
  • benefits of pumpkin seeds is revealed in the treatment of pain stenokardicheskie thanks elements have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.
  • Pumpkin seeds are high-calorie foods, because they contain a large concentration of fat, and therefore is not recommended to buy the peeled seeds, since they are rapidly oxidized fats.Oxidized fats are not nutrients, so can not help a person in solving health problems.
  • Pumpkin seeds are an indispensable product during pregnancy because they are able to save women from heartburn and toxicity.

Pumpkin seeds from worms

Pumpkin seeds from pests

In the fight against worms pumpkin seeds can be used for both children and adults.On the appropriateness of pumpkin seeds from worms can consult with your doctor.Pumpkin seeds contain a substance cucurbitin by which to apply a crushing blow to intestinal parasites.The maximum concentration observed in the thin film that separates the core pumpkin seeds from its shell.Therefore, treatment of worms pumpkin seeds should be carried out, using them in the raw form.Additionally possible adoption of linseed oil, which will also have a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the gastrointestinal tract.

Pumpkin seeds with castor oil from worms

When getting rid of worms using pumpkin seed oil and castor you need every day to eat 100 pieces of raw pumpkin seeds in 4 receptions, using equal portions.All seeds must be carefully chew up a state of pulp.After 1 hour after taking the seeds for food to drink 1 tspcastor oil.This procedure should be carried out after the main meals.After 2-3 days the course ends.Such dosage for adults.

Pumpkin seeds with honey from worms

For an adult will need 300 grams of peeled pumpkin seeds.Teen enough 150 g, and a child aged up to 5 years - no more than 50 grams of pumpkin seeds.Pumpkin seeds should be crushed by a grinder or blender, after which they are bred with cooled boiled water until the consistency of sour cream.The resulting mass is added to taste 1 tspor 1 tablespoonhoney.Pumpkin seeds with honey from worms should eat in the morning on an empty stomach, slowly, the whole process has been extended by 1 hour.After 3 hours, you need to drink a laxative on the basis of salt and put a cleansing enema, making possible the expulsion of parasites from the body.

Pumpkin seeds with garlic from worms

to use pumpkin seeds and garlic for worms need to fry in a dry frying pan 200 grams of raw pumpkin seeds, cool them, then grind in a coffee grinder.Add 5-6 cloves of minced garlic, stir 2 tablespoonsliquid honey.Let stand for 12 hours and take on an empty stomach every day for children 1 tspspoon and adults 1 tablespoonFor breakfast you can start after 3 hours.After 3-4 days can be re-tested for the presence of worms in the stool.

Pumpkin seeds with honey and magnesium sulfate for worms

To prepare the composition, which is used to combat worms, you need to take 300 grams of peeled pumpkin seeds, 1 tablespoonhoney, 50 ml of water and magnesium sulfate (magnesium sulfate).Pumpkin seeds are crushed in a mortar, put in a bowl.Then water is added crushed sunflower seeds and honey.All mixed thoroughly until smooth.Cooked weight eaten in the morning on an empty stomach.After 3 hours after drinking means you need to drink 1.5 tsp2 Art.water magnesium sulfate.After 30 minutes, held enema.

pumpkin Seeds

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