Valocordin - the drug

For insomnia, depression, pain in the heart and general nervousness caused by the long stay in a state of stress, doctors often prescribe valokordin.The medicine has the best, mainly natural composition, helping to cope with anxiety and all sorts of ailments.However, an overdose is very dangerous, and on the individual components may happen valokordin allergy.Let us examine the composition of valokordin more.


first active ingredient valokordin - is phenobarbital, which is a white crystalline powder with a slightly bitter taste, odorless.It is usually regarded as an effective sleep aid, phenobarbital and really quite effective for insomnia and other sleep disorders.

In small doses, this substance has a sedative effect in combination with vasodilators and antispasmodics actively used in disorders of the autonomic system.


etylbromisovalerianate - a substance that is synthesized from isovaleric acid, is the active ingredient of valerian known.Esters of isovaleric

acid has a slight sedative effect and helps to resolve the excited state, to overcome anxiety and concern.

Valerian root was used for therapeutic purposes since the days of ancient Greece, and still it is used in traditional and folk medicine.As is known, valerian to calm down easily, and its most effective components are part of the valokordin.

Mint oil

As already the name suggests, peppermint oil is produced from the well-known medicinal plant - peppermint.This fragrant plant is grown in the Voronezh region, in Ukraine and Belarus, as well as in Central Asia.

Preparations mint anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and sedative effect on the body, improve digestion and bile diversion.Mint is used for insomnia and hypertension, gastrointestinal ailments and diseases of the liver.Mint stimulates the appetite and improves cardiac activity.It makes it even in case of toothache.

However, drugs and medicines mint with its content (including, and valokordin) can not be used uncontrollably.Excess dosage threatening breathing problems and the emergence of pain in the heart.

hop oil

hop oil produced from hops - perennial herb of the family Konopleva.Used for therapeutic purposes hop cones, which include those identified more than a hundred of useful components and, above all, lupulin, it has a pronounced calming effect.

preparations of hops also have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.They are appointed with fatigue, insomnia and nervousness, as well as in diseases of the liver, gall bladder, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

hop oil, like other drugs of the cones of the plant help to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Ethanol 96% Ethanol

- ethyl alcohol is soluble in water and is known to be a major component of any alcoholic beverage.

Ethanol - a good preservative, and this is as ethyl alcohol used in the manufacture of valokordin.

Purified Water Purified Water

the manufacture valokordin used as a solvent.Before its use natural water carefully check and eliminate the dissolved substances.

worth noting that with the apparent usefulness of the main components that make up the valokordin and effectiveness of the drug, prolonged and uncontrolled use of it entails addictive and a lot of negative consequences.