What is better - or Exoderil Loceryl ?

is difficult to say with certainty that it is better - or Exoderil Loceryl, because each drug has its own advantages and disadvantages.Before using any of the drugs should be familiar with the instructions.The drug should be prescribed by a doctor and used under his supervision.Exoderil and Loceryl are antifungal drugs that are used to remove the fungus from the nails.

Loceryl as an antifungal drug

As an active ingredient used in Lotserile amorolfine.Loceryl antimicrobial agent is intended for outdoor use.Loceryl as an antifungal drug comes in the form of varnish to be applied to the affected nails.He is an antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects, the nail plate is healthy and beautiful.Amorolfin penetrates deep into the nail plate, and its action is carried out for 24 hours.Duration of the effect of the drug is maintained for Loceryl 7, 10 days after it is applied.

LOTSERIL Indications for use is the presence of nail diseases, fungal attack, and the drug can be used as a prophylactic agent of fung

al diseases.Loceryl applied to the nails of feet and hands, 2 times a week.The recommended duration of treatment should be carried out as long as the symptoms disappear completely fungal infections.The duration of the full course of treatment for the fingernails of 6 months for toenails - a year.The solution should be applied to the prepared and purified nail.To clean use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.Thereafter, using a special spatula, the drug is applied.The procedure is repeated for each affected nail.The spatula is dipped into the solution, then it is not necessary to wipe on the neck, but should simply pull out of the vial and the solution was applied to nails.It is advisable to avoid that the nails coated with the drug in contact with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Loceryl not recommended for use in the presence of individual intolerance of separate components that make up the drug.As a side effect when using Loceryl may experience a burning sensation at the site where the medication was applied.Do not use the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding.One and the same nail file should not be used in order to treat diseased and healthy nail.During the treatment should not use artificial false nails.The drug should not be used by children, aged less than 15 years since there had been no clinical studies of the drug.

Exoderil as an antifungal drug

Exoderil is an antifungal drug, intended for outdoor use.It is part of a group of allylamines.Action Exoderil by inhibiting the synthesis of ergosterol.The active substance acts naftifine, which influences the squalene epoxidase.The drug has antibacterial activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganisms.In addition, clinical studies have shown that the drug has anti-inflammatory effect, contributes to the rapid disappearance of signs of inflammation, especially itching.Exoderil is capable of rapid penetration into the skin than are resistant to antifungal concentration of its various layers.The preparation can be applied topically one time per day.Exoderil as the antifungal drug is available as a cream, designed for outdoor use, or a solution, which is also used topically.

Exoderil applied to the affected skin surface, as well as areas in the neighborhood with her, one time per day.Pre surface is thoroughly cleaned and dried, capturing about 1 cm of healthy skin area is localized at the edges of the affected area.When ringworm treatment duration can be from 2 to 4 weeks.If necessary, the treatment can be extended for up to 8 weeks.When candidiasis treatment is 4 weeks, with onychomycosis treatment can last for a maximum of 6 months and the preparation is applied 2 times a day.Before using the new solution at the maximum onihomikozah necessary removal of the affected part of the nail with scissors and nail files.In order to prevent recurrence of infection is necessary to conduct therapy for at least 2 weeks after clinical cure occurred.

Exoderil side effect may be the appearance of dry skin, burning, redness.Contraindications to the use Exoderil is the presence of pregnancy, lactation, since it does not determine the efficacy and safety of the use of funds, as well as the presence of hypersensitivity to naftifine and benzyl alcohol in the case of cream or using propylene glycol solution.The drug should not be applied to the wound surface, and avoid contact with eyes.