Valocordin indications for use

Today, psycho-emotional state of people is extremely unstable.Many, for various reasons are not able to cope with adverse situations, constantly experiencing uncertainty about their own abilities, fear, because of what they have a unmotivated aggression, depressed and gloomy state, and as a result - and the frequent long depression.

help a person cope with the problems of everyday life capable of challenging drug Valocordin because it primarily is intended to overcome the gloomy conditions.Depressive states are short-term and long.By hereditary factors can be attributed only five per cent of people exposed to a state of instability, the rest falls into depression due to external irritants.

Product description

Valocordin - a combined drug, has antispasmodic, vasodilator and soporific effect.It consists of: hop oil, ethyl alcohol, etylbromisovalerianate (bromizovalerianovoy acid ester), phenobarbital, distilled water.The combination of these components with the use of the drug creates a sedative and a

ntispasmodic effect.A peppermint oil is also included with the drug relaxes and widens blood vessels spasm.For all the merits at valokordin has a drawback.With long-term take more doses of the drug is the effect of habituation, which is quite dangerous.


Valocordin applies in the event of heart failure symptoms, but the drug does not cure the disease, but only good relieves attacks.Thanks to a strong sedative effect a cure in a certain period has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system.

Valocordin shown when suddenly appear the acute sense of anxiety and / or fear of the excited state of imbalance, neurosis.To achieve the desired result it is necessary to comply with the specified dosage.With the right preparation reception reduces irritability, normal sleep.

Dosing and Administration

Valocordin should be consumed before a meal.Adults are recommended to take the drug three times a day for fifteen or twenty drops inside with a little water.Babies valokordin provide a dosage - one drop per year of life, based on the picture of the disease.

When receiving valokordin should be aware that it is absorbed in the stomach pretty quickly, and the half-life of pentobarbital occurs two to five days.A third substance is excreted in the urine, the remaining part is oxidized in the liver.Stand out from the etylbromisovalerianate bromine from the body appears very slowly.Chronic administration of the drug bromine accumulates in the body, which can cause poisoning, and this is the main danger.


Valocordin contraindicated if you are hypersensitive its components, liver and kidney failure, acute hepatic porphyria, during breast-feeding.During pregnancy, the drug can be taken only on prescription.

Drug interactions with other drugs

Valocordin combined with ethanol and sedative drugs enhances their effect.It reduces the effect and speeds up the metabolism of oral contraceptive preparations, griseofulvin, corticosteroids, coumarin derivatives.

Increases toxicity of drugs, which include methotrexate.