Analogs of the drug Exoderil

If because something was not possible to purchase Exoderil, you can use analogues of the drug.Many drugs have generics - drugs with the same active ingredient, and similar properties.These medicines are produced by other manufacturers and sold under a different name.It should be clarified that the drug active substance is not unique.But there are similar means by which it is possible freedom from fungal diseases.

Analogs drug Exoderil

Today analogues of the drug are Exoderil Fungoterbin, naftifine, Fetimin.Before you use these drugs, you should read the instruction, and the use of the drug should be prescribed by a doctor.


analogue of the drug Exoderil - Fungoterbin is an antifungal agent.For the possession of drugs is typical antifungal activity.Fungoterbin belongs to the same group as the Exoderil.The active substance acts in Fungoterbine terbinafine hydrochloride.


In naftifine as an active substance acts naftifine hydrochloride.The drug is a full analogue of cream Exode

ril.It is characterized by the possession of an identical pharmacological action.Applying naftifine topically, penetrates the skin at the concentrations which are necessary to eliminate the disease.Thus there is a partial metabolization and excreted in the bile and urine.When the application to the skin cream of only 6% exposed systemic absorption, due to an overdose of the drug which is improbable.Naftifin discharged in a 2% cream and gel.The cream is used as an external agent, has a white or yellowish.Each gram of medicament contained 20 mg naftifine hydrochloride.Generally, the cream is used one time per day, and the gel - 2 times a day, morning and evening.Duration of treatment may be from 2 to 4 weeks.For some infections need to increase in the course of treatment up to 6 weeks.Using a drug, you should comply with the recommendations of the doctor.The drug should not be used more or less often than it was prescribed by a doctor.


Another analogue cream Exoderil is Fetimin.He has found application in the treatment of candidiasis of the skin, tinea and multi-colored lichen.Contraindications include hypersensitivity to the presence of benzyl alcohol, and the open wound surfaces.Precautions Exoderil drugs should be used during pregnancy and lactation, and in children and adolescents.The impact of the drug on the growing body of today is not fully understood.Preparations in any case intended for use in the indications and after consultation with the physician.Otherwise, the preparation of which is the intended treatment may be irreparable harm to the body.

Other antifungals analogues Ekzoderilu

other antifungals counterparts Ekzoderilu are Livarol, Nizoral, Oronazol, Mikozoral, Candide, Kandibene, Lamisil, Terbizil, clotrimazole, Ekzifin, Terbifin, Termikon, Binafin, Batrafen, Terbinafine, Bifosin, Ekodaks, mikospor.

In case of failure of local treatment or complete destruction by a fungus, provided the appointment of antimycotics having a common action.Such drugs are taken orally.These include Lamisil, Orungal, Diflucan, Nizoral, and their analogues.Their use can be carried out together with the antifungal lacquer.But it is important to the overall antifungal action was not contraindicated, for example, diseases of the liver and kidneys.

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