Soothing preparations for children

Sedations children are medicines that belong to psychotropic drugs.These drugs act on the mental and emotional condition of the child and also have a sedative effect on his nervous system.

Sedative doctor prescribes a child for various reasons.The most common and relatively harmless are stress and hyperexcitability.Due to the increased activity of a restless child, hysteria on any occasion, easily excited, little sleep and hard to sleep.

Sometimes, adaptation to the kindergarten or some other factor or reason that a great many, plunges the child into a deep depression, which necessitates the use of sedatives.

Most often parents, first of all, give children the soothing teas are available, convenient and supposedly harmless (although this is not always the case).In any part of baby food or the pharmacy provides different teas sedation, but doctors usually prescribe medications to children.


sedatives to calm kids today are very widely used glycine.No less popular drugs such as Phenibutum, Panto

gamum, Bayu-Bai, Magne B6, Tsetral and others.However, these drugs have both positive and negative sides.

The composition of children sedatives include motherwort, valerian, bromides and other sedatives.Under the influence of sedatives child becomes less irritable, he lifted the mood, and he quietly sleeps at night.However, one should know that bromides are digested in the body, is isolated bromide ions, which affect the resumption of the central nervous system of normal child relation inhibition and excitation.But the ions bromides during prolonged application of the drug to accumulate in the body in a large quantity, and this may cause chronic intoxication, which suppresses the higher nervous activity.The child becomes apathetic, he is constantly in a state of drowsiness, is not able to remember the information, moreover, possible occurrence of cough and rash.

now because of its harmlessness increasing demand for homeopathic sedatives.Among them are most suitable for children Baby-Sed, Sedalia, Edas, Rascal, capricious, Leovit, Hare, note, Nervohel, Valerianahel and others.

Tips traditional medicine

From traditional medicine many people use peppermint or chamomile teas, tincture of hops, peony, motherwort, valerian.In the nervous system of the child produce the beneficial effects of evening baths with a variety of herbs and pine baths.In pharmacies, you can buy ready-made herbal sedatives charges bath "Children's soothing" "soothing", "Fitosedan."

can sew baby pillow and fill it with soothing herbs.But before that you need to find out what specific herbs have a relaxing effect on the baby.The same principle should guide the choice of aromatic oils.Recently, children have tolerance of some components and herbs, so the choice of tea or fitosbora should take into account the child's body tendency to allergies.

it necessary to use a sedative and his choice should be approached with extreme caution, since some drugs instead of restoring the nervous system destroy it.Action means any very individual.And if the drug helped one child, it does not mean that it will fit differently.Many sedatives very strong action, in addition, they are addictive.Because of this, before giving the child some sedative for reinsurance should consult with several doctors.Better yet, offer the child for the night tea with honey or a glass of warm milk.Old proven method would have on the baby's relaxing and calming effect.