Exoderil solution for the treatment of fungus

Remedy fungus on the nails Exoderil popular among physicians.Virtually every expert is appointed as a monotherapy or in combination therapy with antifungal drugs intended for oral administration.Exoderil solution fungus treatment based on inhibition of ergosterol synthesis.Exoderil active against fungi belonging to the genus Trichophyton, and epidermofiton mikrosporum, yeast and others.In addition to the antifungal action for Exoderil characteristic possession of antibacterial activity to various gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens, are often found in combination with fungal lesions.

Properties Exoderil solution for the treatment of fungal

Clinically, it has been proven that among the properties Exoderil solution for the treatment of fungus stands possess anti-inflammatory action helps to ensure that the symptoms of inflammation, especially itching, quickly disappeared.Exoderil quickly penetrates the skin than in its various layers are stable antifungal concentration.In this regard the preparat

ion may topically applied one time per day.

composition Exoderil solution

as the main active ingredient in the solution acts Exoderil naftifine hydrochloride.Naftifine is a synthetic antifungal agent (antimycotics), belonging to the group of allylamines.Fungi are destroyed on the basis of the fact that the active substance is organized obstacle for entry into cells of the microorganism nutrients at the same time is promoting action to increase the concentration of toxins, poisonous mushrooms.Eventually, there comes the death of fungi.Additionally, naftifine shown fungicidal activity against dermatophytes and molds, as well as fungistatic activity on contact with yeast.In addition naftifine ekzoderil composition includes auxiliary substances represented by sodium hydroxide, alcohols, polysorbate 60, purified water and preservatives.

Indications solution Exoderil

Indications for use of the solution is Exoderil:

  • presence trihofitii, athlete's;
  • occurrence microsporia - fungal attack of the scalp;
  • development of onychomycosis - defeat by a fungus nail plate;
  • candidiasis of the skin;
  • occurrence of fungal infections, tinea versicolor, complicated by a secondary infection;
  • development of fungal attack the outer part of the ear.

Exoderil especially effective in solution as a means for external use during the treatment of fungal infections, which affects the skin area with hyperkeratosis, as well as parts covered with hair.

Treating nail fungus using Exoderil solution

Before you start treatment of nail fungus using Exoderil solution, using saws, remove the maximum possible area of ​​the nail that struck mushrooms.The solution was rubbed into the treated area and the skin, positioned at a distance of 1 cm from the nail.The procedure is done 2 times a day, if possible, destroyed by fungi of the nail plates constantly cut away.

Duration of treatment with solution Exoderil determined by the attending physician, but at a rate fungi usually at least 6 months.If because of the disease has slowed the growth of nails, treatment should be extended.After disappear visible signs of onychomycosis, the drug should be continued for a further 14 days to avoid re-infection and disease recurrence.

Contraindications Exoderil solution

Exoderil Contraindications to the use of the solution is:

  • development are hypersensitive to any component of the drug;
  • presence of open wounds and sores in areas that are affected by fungi, calluses.

Exoderil solution should not be used in the treatment of fungal infections of the mucous membranes, including eye infections, complicated by infection by fungi, as well as in the treatment of microsporia, fungal infections, and depriving children.

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