Pimafucin cream instruction

Pimafutsin is an antifungal drug which exhibits greatest effectiveness against fungi which belong to the genus Candida.These fungi cause the development of candidiasis.With cream pimafutsin possible to treat yeast infections in men and women.Before applying the cream Pimafucin should review the instructions for this medicinal product.

the cream with pimafutsin

pimafutsin cream with 2% in the structure comprises a main active ingredient, which is used as natamycin, and auxiliaries.The main active ingredient is the local fungicidal activity - it pathogenic fungi are destroyed, disrupted the permeability of membranes.

During auxiliaries tsetilefirny cream contains wax, sodium lauryl sulfate, decyl, Propyl, propylene glycol, cetostearyl alcohol, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, purified water.All the components that contribute to cream rapidly and uniformly distributed on the surface of the skin or mucous membranes.

Cream pimafutsin widely used to treat various forms of candidiasis candidiasis including neo


Cream pimafutsin men

Men Thrush usually occurs in the form balanoposthitis.At the head of the penis while there swelling and redness that accompanies itching and burning.After some time on this site are beginning to appear white attacks that resemble crud.The development of inflammation of the glans penis is able to cause disorders of urination and pain during intercourse.

pimafutsin Cream for Men is used for thrush.For this purpose it is applied several times daily to the affected areas.Treatment may continue for a different time, and it should not terminate until until after clinical manifestations of the disease and within a few days after their disappearance.

Cream pimafutsin girls

treatment of thrush in girls and young women by using a cream that is applied to the skin surface of the mucous and genital skin thin layer several times a day until the disappearance of symptoms of thrush, and for a few more days in order to minimizenumber of fungi genus Candida.

Cream Pimafutsinomdlya newborn

frequently observed in newborns of candidiasis, which are infected by the mother during childbirth.The skin of the child in this case, in the natural folds become red, swollen, weeping, which are formed due to the bright red erosion.Perhaps the development of candidiasis smooth skin and when the skin begin to appear pink baby elevations with irregular edges.On the surface of papules begin to arise bubbles bursting with the formation of erosions.You can also find the mixed form of the disease.

Such a disease that occurs in the newborn, can endanger his life, since the propagation of candida in the internal organs.Therefore, careful treatment of candidiasis newborn.This may be recommended pimafutsin cream to be applied to the affected areas of the skin up to 4 times per day.But in the case of destruction of much of the skin cream is applied sections, as there may be applied a cream to the entire skin of the child can not.

Cream Pimafutsinompri treatment of fungal infections of the outer ear

often affect the outer ear fungus genus Candida.Patients in this case there is severe itching in the ear canal.In the case of long-term course of the disease possible hearing loss.

pimafutsin Cream can be used in the treatment of fungal infections of the outer ear.The external auditory meatus is cleaned and this is applied to the skin cream pimafutsin from 1 to 4 times per day.After a cream is applied, the auditory meatus is closed with a cotton swab.

contraindications and side effects cream pimafutsin

To apply cream pimafutsin contraindication is to identify hypersensitivity to the drug.

of side effects possibly cream as a small irritation, usually do not require interruption of treatment.But you may experience symptoms and are hypersensitive to the drug.In this case there is an increase of irritation every day.Then it is necessary to cancel the use of lotions with pimafutsin.