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Gonorrhea is an infectious disease caused by the gonococcus.In men, the infection usually takes place through sexual contact.Gonokokki are usually located in the cytoplasm of leucocytes, but sometimes they can be seen outside the cells.The epithelial cells are the causative agent can not penetrate, and are located in the intercellular spaces or at the cell surface.

Gonorrhea and men Men gonococci affects mainly the urogenital tract and subordinate bodies.However, apart from the urethra, may also be affected by the mucous membranes of the rectum, mouth and eyes.

gonorrhea immunity to the disease does not exist.This is evidenced by the possibility of superinfection and cases of re-infection.Gonorrhea in men appears sharp urethritis posterior urethritis uretrotsistitom.

acute gonorrheal urethritis

In acute gonorrheal urethritis incubation period is three to five days.Sometimes it can be shorter or its duration may be extended up to two to three weeks.

Gonorrheal urethritis in men The earliest manifestations of the disease are itching sensations

, hot and peculiar tickling the anterior urethra and glans penis.Then, on the lips meatus there is a slight redness and swelling is observed sticking sponges.Because of the channel appear insignificant gray pus.In the future, the development of disease symptoms "grow."

a day or two discharge becomes purulent, copious greenish-yellow sponge - swollen and bloodshot.When urination occurs cutting pain, sometimes at night occur painful erection.

Sometimes mild inflammation.When urinating minor pain, purulent discharge scanty mucous or mucous.Such a course of gonorrhea often takes lengthy and sluggish flow, can cause complication.

posterior urethra in men

Nowadays, thanks to antibiotics, gonorrhea affects only the front of the mucous membranes of the urethra.But sometimes in the inflammatory process is influenced by various causes, and the disease also affects the back of the urethra.This can trigger sexual arousal, alcohol consumption, reinforced by walking, cycling and carried by the patient irrational treatment of anterior urethritis.At the same time the virulence of gonococci and the general weakening of the body plays an important role.Often the loss of posterior urethral is seamless and is detected by your doctor.In the case of the transition to the posterior urethra inflammation appear painful and frequent urination.


In the case of acute flowing back urethritis inflammation extends to the adjacent part of the bladder mucosa.Are frequent urination, painful and accompanied by tenesmus.This indicates that the mucous membrane of the bladder neck is involved in the inflammatory process.It often appears at the end of urination slight vaginal bleeding.

occurrence in the course of gonorrhea urethritis back - adverse event as contributing to the spread of infection in the epididymis, seminal vesicles and prostate.

If fresh gonorrhea is not treated, it takes the chronic form, the symptoms of which may be only a minor release (morning drop) from the urethra.With sluggish during chronic gonococcal urethritis may experience periodic exacerbation of symptoms that are similar to the acute urethritis.

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