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Orchitis - diagnosis and treatment

Orchitis is an inflammatory disease of the testicle.For orchitis is characterized by the occurrence of pain in the scrotum with irradiation in the crotch and groin, edema of the inflamed testicle and scrotum from the defeat, redness of the skin of the scrotum.In addition, the disease is accompanied by fever, intoxication.The inflammatory process may be involved epididymis.Perhaps the development of festering eggs, bilateral lesions of male infertility.Orchitis - diagnosis and treatment.


Diagnosis Diagnosis of acute orchitis possible on the basis of the data obtained in the course of the physical examination by a urologist, and a history of infection or injury.Differential diagnosis with acute epididymitis orchitis possible on the basis of the implementation of the objective of the study.Acute orchitis manifests the strength of the skin of the scrotum, acute epididymitis - swelling.In the case of acute orchitis not detected increase in the epididymis.In both diseases is determined by swelling

and thickening of the spermatic cord, but in the case of acute orchitis no infiltrative changes in the course of the vas deferens.

happens that there are difficulties in the diagnosis of acute orchitis due to the presence of reactive hydrocele or periorhita.If the doctor doubts, it provided an ultrasound scan and a biopsy of the testicle.If there is a suspicion on the development of testicular abscess, it should perform diagnostic puncture and to conduct ultrasound, through which confirmed the presence of the liquid contents.

Acute orchitis

neslozhnennoy If you have any form of acute orchitis treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis.To do this, the patient should be transferred to the bed rest, from the diet should be avoided spicy dishes.Struck by the authority should be provided with peace and exalted position.In the treatment of orchitis should be treatment of the underlying disease as a complication which appeared acute orchitis.Orchitis Treatment involves antibiotics, vitamins, absorbable products, enzymes.

If there is a threat of suppuration, the patient should be hospitalized.After you have eliminated acute inflammation, patients with acute orchitis should be appointed physiotherapy.

If acute orchitis testicular abscess was complicated, it should be an autopsy and drainage of purulent focus.To remove the affected testicle is a complete indication of its purulent meltdown.

Treatment of chronic orchitis

As for chronic orchitis resistant, then the treatment there are significant difficulties.In addition, because of chronic orchitis is characterized by scant symptoms, patients are often unaware of its presence and begin to treat, when the egg is already marked changes.In the treatment of chronic orchitis patient is prescribed antibiotic therapy, thermal, and physical therapy.If an unfavorable course of the disease, and conservative treatment was not effective, the conduct of unilateral orchiectomy provided.

Surgery orchitis

indications for surgical treatment of orchitis is:

  • presence of acute orchitis, the development of which occurred after the injury;
  • occurrence of testicular tissue suppuration (abscess, microabscesses eggs);
  • ineffectiveness of the treatment of acute orchitis after 3 days from the moment the patient is admitted to the hospital;
  • presence testicular disease, tight formations, which do not dissolve for a long time;
  • severe course of acute orchitis, which is accompanied by a palpable violation of the general condition;
  • presence of chronic orchitis with the occurrence of frequent exacerbations;
  • presence orchitis having tuberculosis origin.

When surgical treatment of orchitis may be removed part of the egg, the egg is removed together with the appendage, the method of nadsechek or made a puncture of the scrotum.