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Treatment of phimosis by different methods

Before reaching a man of a certain age phimosis refers to the physiological form.But narrowing of the prepuce in children may be pathological in the event that there is the occurrence of inflammation of the glans penis or violation of urination.Usually the first symptoms of phimosis seen when puberty begins, when, due to the fact that the head of the penis and the skin of the foreskin grow rapidly and unevenly and narrowing increases.In the mucosa of the foreskin appear mikronadryvy and additional scar contraction.Treatment of phimosis can be carried out by different methods.

Conservative treatment of phimosis

The main conservative methods of treatment of phimosis are the holding of local corticosteroid therapy and stretching of the foreskin.But the downside of this treatment is that there is a significant risk of recurrence.

When phimosis use of corticosteroid ointments based on the fact that steroid hormones increases the elasticity of connective tissue.To treat phimosis ointment hydrocortisone, b

etamethasone or any other related to the same group, should be applied to the foreskin 2 times a day.The course of treatment is 2 months.This method has passed clinical trials have established that it is better to use the ointment in combination with stretching.

Stretch applies if there is a narrowing of the preputial ring.This is the procedure recommended by physicians for patients aged 5 to 15 years, which can be conducted at home.Adult patients this treatment is rarely appropriate, since it is necessary for several months to endure sexual hunger.To stretch the prepuce know 2 methods - by hand and using Japanese instruments glanshi.

young patients stretching is done manually, which introduced the index fingers from opposite sides in the preputial ring and gently stretches.The procedure must be repeated in the up-down and right-left.To avoid the painful and inflammatory reactions that may occur after the procedure, used bath with herbal infusions - calendula, series, camomile.The result of this treatment has a direct relationship with the discipline of the patient.

Surgical treatment of phimosis

most rational is the surgical treatment of phimosis.The operation may be followed by complete removal or resection of the foreskin.When resection of the patient can be expressed for what the size of the foreskin he would like to have.Generally, surgical treatment of phimosis performed using local anesthesia, and the duration is 20-30 minutes.Most commonly used circular circumcision.With the surgical approach removes the foreskin and hence eliminated morphological substrate phimosis.

When is surgical treatment of phimosis

There are situations when it is necessary to carry out surgical treatment of phimosis, including:

  • presence paraphimosis when the foreskin head shrinks, resulting in necrosis may develop in a few days;
  • inability to fully open the head;
  • scarring and adhesions between the foreskin and the head;
  • existence of serious degenerative and necrotic changes in prepuce and glans;
  • inability to urinate;
  • of purulent balanoposthitis.

treatment of phimosis traditional methods

Among the effective methods of treatment of phimosis folk stand out:

  • treatment Calendula, which are made on the basis of antimicrobial and antibacterial baths.Carrying out these procedures must be carried out 2-3 times per day.Anti-inflammatory infusions need to pour into a jar or cup and drop them for 10-20 minutes the penis.For an infusion of marigold is necessary to pour 1 tbsp.boiling water 1 tspdried flowers.Let stand for an hour, strain and do the bath;
  • chamomile treatment to soften the skin and avoid inflammation.To prepare to pour 1 tbsp.boiling water 10 grams of dried flowers of the plant, let stand for 5 hours or cook for 15 minutes over low heat.Before the procedure, strain the infusion;
  • treatment of succession and barley.For the preparation of a medicament must be filled with 1 tbsp.10 g of boiling water and leave for a succession of several hours.Filter the infusion after cooling and make the bath lowered for 15 minutes the penis in a jar with the infusion.To prepare a decoction of barley must be 50 grams of barley grain left overnight in 500 ml of boiling water.Boil the morning infusion for 10 minutes, infuse 1 hour and drain.The resulting funds are used for washing.

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