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Paraphimosis , symptoms and treatment of paraphimosis

Paraphimosis is one of a very difficult and dangerous conditions.Under paraphimosis mean compression of the glans penis foreskin to move back.The disease is not independent, it acts as a complication of phimosis or other diseases that were not treated in time.The condition can occur during intercourse, masturbation or classes during the hygiene procedures.The head, which squeezes tight flesh begins to swell rapidly.Consider the symptoms and treatment of paraphimosis.

Symptoms paraphymosis

When making a forcible removal of the head of the penis constricted and sedentary flesh may experience the following symptoms:

  • pain;
  • cyanosis;
  • edema.

for these symptoms characterized by a constant and very rapid increase.If a man will not be given special help, after some time there is the cessation of pain, which is a very formidable symptom, as is the first sign that the tissue die.

Cyanosis becomes dark purple or black shade, there are sores.Necrotic tissue at this stage can only be amputated.

Paraphimosis children

Children top paraphimosis phimosis can contribute, that is, narrowing of the foreskin.If you have phimosis glans penis can not be deduced in full, as it is squeezed ring of the foreskin, while it is restrained.The reasons for non-compliance may be infringing the rules of personal hygiene, child masturbation.

Therapies paraphymosis

to treat paraphimosis can be applied conservative or surgical method, depending on what stage of development of pathological process.

Conservative treatment is used in the event that paraphimosis is detected at an early stage, in the first hours after the infringement.At the same time the head of the penis to reduce a ring foreskin.First the head is cooled, treated with an antiseptic solution and glycerin or mineral oil in order to facilitate sliding, smeared inner layer prepuce.Doctor penis clasped detriment of the ring finger and thumb of his left hand.With his right hand he gently presses down on the head and kneads it.Providing soft influence is necessary in order to reduce the swelling of the head and the inner layer of the foreskin.Gradually, edematous fluid moves the ring.Specialist simultaneously pulled the foreskin and the head moves in the ring of the foreskin from the rear surface of the penis.

paraphymosis Conservative treatment is painful, and it is provided with the use of anesthesia.Local anesthesia is usually impractical to use because it increases swelling.

If the reduction was completed successfully, the penis is tied to the abdomen to provide drainage of edema fluid and is assigned to the processing of the penis special preparations.

If you can not reposition the implementation of doctors offer surgery.The surgery involves the use of a few basic techniques.The most common method is provided dissection invades the foreskin using local anesthesia.Under the ring supplied fluted tube to prevent the likelihood of damage to the tissues located more deeply.After dissection of the penis is tied.

Once removed swelling and ulcers healed, we recommend carrying out circumcision, so that will be prevented reappearance paraphimosis.Experts on the testimony instead of dissection can immediately make circumcision.

special equipment for surgery has several advantages:

  • unit reduces bleeding;
  • apparatus disinfected dissection place;
  • high accuracy is ensured removal of prepuce tissue only, with no damage to adjacent covers.

for use of the device is allocated a minimum of contraindications and complications.

Complications paraphymosis

If treatment is not carried out paraphimosis, it may be very serious complications, including the need to remove the appearance of necrotic parts of the penis.

sores appearing on the penis is caused by infection and inflammation, which can lead to unpredictable consequences.

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