Men's disease

Groin fungus.Symptoms and treatment .

Groin fungus is not very pleasant event in a person's life.When confronted with it is necessary to find the best treatment option.With the development of the fungus in the groin area of ​​the affected areas are plump texture and have a yellowish color.When placing objects seen through a microscope the entire colony mycelium.Infection occurs when the inguinal fungus constantly damp environment, increased sweating, high temperature environment, violation of carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body.The most common option is a fungal infection of the inguinal infection through objects used by a person with the disease, for example, washcloth, bath towel.For high risk areas of infection include public saunas, baths, hospitals.The most common disease susceptible men.

Symptoms of the fungus in the groin

The fungus in the groin in men When inguinal fungus infection of the skin pink spots appear larger coin .Over time, the patches are expanded.Outbreaks of the disease are found in the folds of the groin, scrotum and between the buttoc

ks.The obvious symptoms of tinea fungus is the emergence of a strong itch, maybe even pain.Distribution itching can go to the genitals and anal area, but in most cases the spread of the fungus in the groin in men does not occur on the scrotum and penis.Lots of skin around the affected area become reddened.The skin cracked, dry, scaly, and much of the affected area, and the areas that are close to it are located.Upon detection of the inguinal fungus must be treated immediately.Diagnosis can be made based on medical history and vehicle inspection.In some cases, taken scraping.After examining a piece of affected skin under the microscope, the doctor set a diagnosis.

fungus treatment in the groin

to treat fungus in the groin requires regular use of medications.The course of treatment is required to pass through, on the average it takes two months.If the fungus is not recovered, he returned.During treatment, you need to wear a spacious underwear in the affected area must be observed dryness.To ensure you can use dry or powdered talc against fungi.For treatment of disease must be taken into antifungals and lotions can be applied topically from sodium silver.

fungus in the groin treated with drugs used to relieve inflammation.In the absence of ulcers and pustules on the affected skin can be lubricated its iodine for 7 days, and then for 3 x 5 days antifungal ointment.

clotrimazole cream With a very strong inflammation can use creams and ointments of the fungus in the groin, containing glucocorticoid substance and soda relieves inflammation. As a means of the fungus in the groin is often used ointment, which in its composition contains clotrimazole, miconazole, terbinafine .

Terms fungus treatment in the groin

the treatment is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • before you apply the ointment of the fungus in the groin, you need the affected skin and healthy skin surrounding it, wash thoroughly with soap and water;
  • applying ointment is recommended not only to the affected area, but also on the surrounding healthy skin;
  • application of ointment should be in compliance with the regulations;
  • with no improvement within 2 weeks should see a doctor;
  • during treatment need to be changed every day underwear, clothing and bedding;
  • with the defeat of the fungus 2 different areas should be carried out at the same time their treatment to eliminate the possibility of infection transmission.

rare for the treatment of tinea fungus may apply compresses fluid Burov.The duration of treatment in this manner is about 2 weeks. If left untreated the disease, it can last for a very long time, even several years.

Prevention of fungus in the groin

as prevention of fungus in the groin need to combat sweating, personal hygiene and restoration of disturbed metabolism.