Men's disease

Causes and consequences of obesity in men

increasing attention of specialists is aimed at issues of male obesity.This is due to the fact that the causes and consequences of obesity in men and women are different, hence the treatment of obesity occurs in different ways.Coping with male pattern obesity is much easier, and the solution is to normalize the level of the hormone testosterone.

Causes and consequences of obesity in men

The older the man, the more noticeable changes in its shape, which are manifested in the appearance of the abdomen, shoulders sagging muscles, increase in the buttocks and thighs.Professionals such changes are referred to as "age hypogonadism."This diagnosis means that the male level decreases production of male sex hormones.Causes and consequences of obesity male pattern lurk not only in addiction to fatty foods, or beer, or lying on the couch, but also in the processes occurring in the endocrine system.The most important thing here is the value of the hormone testosterone produced in the testicles, which determines
the secondary sexual characteristics and regulating sexual function.The chemical composition of testosterone is an anabolic steroid.And that's it in a man takes control of the processes of fat burning and muscle building.
Reduced testosterone levels at a faster pace due to the male obesity, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other diseases, and this is exacerbated by a decrease in the development of diseases.That is a vicious circle of causes and effects.Doctors and scientists have proven that obesity is not simply cosmetic, aesthetic defect, but rather a dangerous disease.
There are obvious signs that show a decrease in the amount of testosterone.By the symptom of obesity include waist circumference in men, which is more than 94 cm. The excess waist circumference values ​​of 102 cm means that in addition to obesity in the body of the male hormone deficiency.

Treatment of obesity in men

If the obvious problem of obesity in men, it is necessary to begin to fix problems with regulation of food intake.It is undesirable to sit on a strict diet because the human body, they are pretty serious stress and after the diet is completed and returned to the old diet, the weight comes back again, and can return more than gone.Therefore, the best way is to contact the advice of a doctor, who will determine the level of testosterone in the blood and can give advice about proper nutrition obesity and prescribe treatment.
blood test for the hormone testosterone required to pass in the morning, from 7 to 11 hours.When the number of total testosterone of more than 12 nmol / l, there is no need in the application of replacement therapy, because it has a meaning for testosterone level of less than 8 nmol / l.If the result of the analysis is in the range from 8 to 12 nmol / L, it means that there is a need in repeated research and constant observation.
replacement therapy treatment of obesity implies the application of testosterone preparations in the form of patches, tablets, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection is effective and safe sredstivami.That or other means must choose a doctor with the patient.Substitution therapy is not contraindicated in any age.When obese men are at a mature age, it is very important to estimate the presence of concomitant diseases.Of course, in the treatment of the disease plays an important role nutrition in obesity, it must be balanced, ingested in reasonable quantities and include all the necessary vitamins for the human body.

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