Men's disease

Signs and causes of male infertility

Under male infertility is a state that is associated with reproductive dysfunction.The main causes of infertility in men perform genital infections, disorders of spermatogenesis, varicocele.More than 30% of the cases reveals a combination of factors of infertility.Consider the characteristics and causes of male infertility.In 40% of cases the cause of infertility of the couple is a male factor.Infertility in men contributes to the transfer of systemic disease, endocrine disease, the presence of congenital malformations of sexual organs.

Signs of infertility in men

Signs of male infertility is the lack of pregnancy in women who regularly is sexually active and do not use any means to protect, yet it is known that a woman is completely healthy and has passed examination by a gynecologist.The most likely signs of infertility in men is the appearance of frequent headaches, the appearance of small-sized lumps in the breast, testicular atrophy.If the ability to conceive a child has been lost as a result of
a variety of male hormonal disorders, the signs pointing to infertility, is to reduce sexual desire.

causes of infertility in men

causes of male infertility may be:
- congenital defects and genetic disorders;
- the existence of anatomical and physiological changes in the genitals;
- the occurrence of violations of the hormonal status, because of which may impair the formation of normal and motile sperm;
- the presence of inflammatory diseases of the urinary organs (urethritis, prostatitis, etc.);
- sexual trauma and pelvic organs;
- carrying out surgical treatment of inguinal hernia, hydrocele of the spermatic cord and testicles;
- the presence of mental and neurological disorders;
- the presence of sexual dysfunction (impotence, premature ejaculation and retrograde, and others.);
- the transfer of the virus that causes mumps or mumps;
- the presence of intoxication, having different degrees of severity;
- varicose veins of the spermatic cord;
- some common inflammatory and chronic diseases of individual organs or the whole organism;
- the presence of sperm pathology (anejaculation, oligospermia, azoospermia, asthenozoospermia, teratozoospermia).
Other causes of male infertility is the influence of chromosomal, genetic and immune factors.Thus, sterility is not a separate disease, but is a consequence of one of them, which has been transferred by the body.
may experience temporary hormonal disorders, which result in infertility due to chronic and acute situations.In addition, the cause of infertile men can be harmful working conditions and environmental factors (the presence of ionizing radiation, work in the chemical industry, in conditions of hyperthermia).
By urological causes of infertility in men is the presence of chronic inflammatory diseases of the male reproductive system.Recent research proved that the presence of chronic prostatitis adversely affect the quality of sperm, which can serve as one of the causes of infertility.
with male infertility may be encountered when obstruction of the vas deferens.Serious problems can be in case of the male obesity, hypertension, lipid disorders, diabetes.In addition, strongly influenced by alcohol, causing harm to human health and psyche.Perhaps a malfunction in the testicles under the influence of alcohol, the loss of motility and viability of sperm.
number of infertile men increases with the number of people who have indicated the presence of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, which is a direct consequence of promiscuity.
Even as one of the causes of infertility in men earned as a child, is the lack of testicular descent.With such a problem faced by 1% of newborns.
most common causes of male infertility from all of the above are negative emotions that violate erection and ejaculation, sperm and inferiority.