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In men, gonorrhea is the most common sexually transmitted disease, the main characteristic feature of which is purulent inflammation of the urethra.The causative agent of the disease - gonokokk - mainly affects the conjunctiva and columnar epithelium urinary organs, sometimes - squamous epithelium.

Men infected with gonorrhea only by sexual contact, and, first of all, suffers from the urethra.The causative agent, affecting the mucous membrane of urinary organs, penetrate into lymphatic vessels, it applies to subepithelial connective tissue sometimes gets into the bloodstream.Once in the tissue, gonococcus causes inflammation (edema, hyperemia, suppuration, infiltration) and destroys the epithelium.

Gonorrhea symptoms share three manifestations of fresh gonorrhea: acute, subacute and torpid.In men, complications of gonorrhea occur due to use of alcohol, physical stress, spicy foods, chopped or prolong intercourse, frequent sexual arousal.The incubation period of the disease is three - five days, sometimes it can take up

to two - three weeks.

Symptoms of gonorrhea in men

In gonorrhea in men from the urethra appear yellowish discharge, there is pain while urinating.Sometimes gonokokk causes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat, rectum and eyes.In the future, the infection can affect the heart, brain, skin, liver, joints.

Symptoms of gonorrhea in men for clinical gonorrhea characterized by the emergence of different degrees of severity of urethritis.The first symptoms of acute gonococcal urethritis are itching and burning in front of the urethra and mucus.After three or four days is celebrated the greatest severity of the inflammatory process.Observed painful urination, copious purulent discharge from the urethra, swelling, redness, tenderness and induration sponges external opening of the urethra.

If the inflammatory process extends to the rear part of the urethra, then the symptoms inherent acute gonorrheal urethritis, join pain at the end of urination, and frequent urination.In subacute gonococcal urethritis the same symptoms, but less pronounced.Fresh torpid gonorrhea is characterized by the same mild clinical symptoms or their absence.

Diagnosis of gonorrhea Gonorrhea

regardless of typical clinical symptoms, diagnosed only in laboratory studies after detecting Neisseria gonorrhoeae.Laboratory studies include bacterioscopy urethral discharge, but in the case of negative results carried kupturalnuyu diagnosis.If detected in the discharge of a large number of white blood cells, and gonorrhea are not available, this indicates Trichomonas urethritis gonococcal or latent infection.In this case, the study should be repeated.For the analysis of urine samples are also taken.

treatment of gonorrhea

treatment of the disease with antibiotics of the penicillin group.When torpid gonorrhea, other than antibiotics, used immunostimulants (pirogenal, gonovaktsina), as well as local absorbable and disinfectant therapy (phonophoresis, diathermy, probing, installation, washing).

During treatment is strictly prohibited alcohol (including beer), salty and spicy food.The patient may be considered cured, when control studies conducted after combined provocation gonorrhea were not found.

Prevention of gonorrhea in men

avoid gonorrhea men with casual sex is necessary to use a condom, otherwise it should be the first two hours to appeal to the point of individual prevention.