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The main symptoms of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men.In most cases, the disease is found in the age of more than 50 years.Under prostate cancer refers malignant tumor, which occurs in the development of prostate cells.The disease is one of the main reasons why older men are dying.The course of the disease in the initial stages is seamless.Consider what are the main symptoms of prostate cancer.

Symptoms of prostate cancer

When prostate cancer is almost no early symptoms.In this case, it is possible to detect only during routine inspection by digital examination of the prostate, conducted through the rectum.The appearance of the first clinical symptoms of the disease often means that the tumor process is being circulated.At this stage of the disease symptoms depend on which entity is involved in tumor growth.This may be the rectum, bladder, ureters.There are cases when a manifestation of prostate cancer is due to the appearance of distant metastases in regional lymph nodes or other organs.Prostate
cancer can metastasize lymphogenous in inguinal and pelvic lymph nodes or hematogenically dice.In case of serious damage to the lymph nodes may cause swelling of the scrotum, the lower extremities.Mostly the disease affects the pelvis, lumbar spine than can be caused by pain in the absence of any additional symptoms.In rare cases, the onset of pathological fractures of the spine.
In most cases, the symptoms of prostate cancer include violation of urination, similar to the characteristic of BPH.The patient may experience frequent urination, the appearance of pain in the bladder, feeling of incomplete emptying.In some cases, the disease is accompanied by acute urinary retention.Rarely in the urine may begin to stand the blood.Difficulties arise with urination, contribute to the fact that in developed urinary tract inflammation.It is possible signs of kidney failure.Sometimes prostate tumor grows in the wall of the rectum, and therefore the signs of the disease can masquerade as problems with the rectum: the emergence of constipation, pain during bowel movements, false urge to defecate.
emergence of pain in the anus, the perineum, lower back may be associated with what is going on the germination of the capsule of the prostate gland, where there are many nerve endings.
Common manifestations of the disease include:
- intermittent and weak urination, and it is expected to start for a long time;
- at the end of micturition dribbling urine;
- the emergence of stress during urination and the need to make an effort;
- frequent urge to urinate during the night;
- frequent urination during the day;
- appearance urging ending ineffective and not bringing relief urination;
- urine mixed with blood;
- urinary retention;
- the development of urinary tract infections;
- erectile dysfunction and ejaculation.
There is a division of the main symptoms of prostate cancer in three groups, which depend on the mechanism of occurrence.The first group includes the features that characterize a violation of the outflow of urine, associated with the fact that a growing tumor compresses the urethra.The second group includes the symptoms resulting from tumor spread beyond the prostate gland, resulting in pain in the perineum, pubic area, and above it, the blood in the semen and urine, possibly erectile dysfunction.Further development of the tumor is accompanied by pain in the bones, a significant loss of body weight caused by the organism intoxication, reduced hemoglobin in the blood, edema and reduction in motor abilities of the lower extremities, palsy due to compression of the spinal cord.